The 21st of May 2016 the second program was broadcasted by Josman Parikmaker and the collaboration of Alberto Bódalo and Rubén Molina. For this occasion five hour program have been conceptualized to be broadcasted via streaming from 7.00 pm to 24.00 pm, from Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia

Open Studios

Open Studios is a walk through the artwork of artists in residency of AADK Spain – a space to research, experiment, fail, take risks, strengthen a trajectory or take new directions. With the radio, we search for new formats of exhibition and dissemination.

Presentation of artists in residency
The artist in residency of AADK Spain present a site-specific artwork for Cartagena that will be part of the Mucho Más Mayo Festival.
– Pablo Lisambarth (Chile)
– Abraham Hurtado (Spain)
– Conor Baird (Scotland)
– Carlos Cartama (Spain)
– Sergio Sotomayor (Spain)

Mapas sonoros

Title: Flujo. (Flux)
Artists: Abraham Hurtado, Selu Herráiz
Field sound recording: Jochen Artbeit
Edition: Alberto Bódalo

Soundscape of the Segura River in his way through Abarán and Blanca, an experience which makes us conscious of the live flux that the river creates on its path. To keep silence is to open a door to the knowledge that our environment harbors.

Prácticas Contemporáneas

Contemporary practices was a program created by AADK Spain in 2014 in response to the Museum´s Day – an established countrywide event which provokes massive audience to visit museums and exhibitions spaces in Spain. This phenomenon raises certain questions like does this events make culture more accessible or more spectacular?

Along two editions we have invited different agents from the cultural sector dedicated to contemporary art, to think together questions as such. Now, we make it into a radio program in which interviews, presentations and further experimental formats inserted in Contemporary Practices will take place.

For this program we will have with us in Centro Negra five active cultural agents, coming from different places of Europe, who will talk about their project and with whom we will discuss about the formats of production of contemporary art: Caique Tizzi (Agora collective. Berlin, Germany), Andrea Möller (Media Art Friesland. Leeuwarden, Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018, Netherlands), Ana Rocha (MEZZANINE. Porto, Portugal) and Dagmara Szastak-Zięba (Katowice City of Gardens. Katowice, Poland)

Backdoor Session

Fashion, design, gastronomy, video clips, dance music – they are productions considered “outside of the art”, pursuing big audience. If there is an “inside” and an “outside” of the art, they definitely feed each other and need to be considered. In Backdoor we want to gather some of the most interesting works developed in these fields.


Cook: Juan Conesa
Sound experiment: Abraham Hurtado, Selu Herráiz
Guest: Josman ParikmakerFor this program we will present a live broadcast sensorial experience, where the food becomes a soundscape.
A dinner made by the carthaginian artist Juan Conesa to be part of an experiment in which the acoustic adds the final dimension to the perceptions that star the act of eating.A sound experiment of the artists Abraham Hurtado and Selu Herráiz.

Dance session.
– Lilith
– DJ Erre