Sonora School

SONORA is a school of sound experimentation established at Centro Negra in Blanca (Murcia, Spain), in the rural environment of the Ricote Valley. Its main aims are: to foster the development of musical pedagogy through creation, to encourage new ways of learning, and to enable access to contemporary thinking, as well as the cultural dynamizing of the Ricote Valley. All goals are achieved through creative practices in the field of sound experimentation. The project seeks to generate a sense of community by creating, playing and reflecting together. To promote attitudes of collaboration, trust, and respect. Issues of gender and cultural diversity are addressed as transversal axes. Thus, Sonora aspires to facilitate transformative experiences to build other imageries and stimulate awareness of acoustic ecology.



_ Encourage new methodologies and forms of musical learning in formal education.
_Generate a long-term stable project that enables the participants to develop their own learning rhythm.
_ Emphasise the value of process over results.
_ Develop autonomous learning and active participation.
_ Develop an awareness of acoustic ecology and respect for the sound environment.
_ Inquire the relational possibilities of music as a universal language.
_ Introduce a postcolonial and gender perspectives as transversal axes.
_ Make contemporary music culture accessible to the rural society.
_ Promote the use of new technologies for a better understanding of current music.
_ Promote equality (gender, race, and class) through collective music creation in socio-culturally diverse communities.
_ Create sound situations of collective participation to develop attitudes of collaboration, trust, respect, and empathy.