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Action 3. Experiences of Collective Creation in Relation to the Territory

Three professional musicians guide experiences in working with different aspects of contemporary music. This action is implemented in collaboration with specific groups of diverse socio-cultural features to create sonic situations and to dive into the surrounding territory. The experiences take place in an urban or natural settings in Blanca and have a visual and performative component.

This programme is scheduled one weekend per month. The invited artists hold a participatory workshop taking shape as an orchestra that fuses contemporary with traditional music of the valley and collaborates with specific communities of Blanca. The workshop ends with a concert to share the outcome with a general audience.

This set of actions aims to establish a Festival which can serve as an encounter of musicians with very diverse styles, ages and backgrounds: De la raíz al noise (From roots to noise). As first experimental music and collective creation festival of Ricote Valley, it is an attempt to create new emotional links through the music, and generate, theoretically, an unlikely community.

The process has an interdisciplinary character in which a dialogue between music, body, and territory is created. Also, the whole process will be captured in a documentary film.