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Action 1. Experimental Music classes integrated in the Municipality Music School of Blanca

In collaboration with the Municipal School of Music of Blanca, classes of experimental sound are implemented. Targeted to all age groups, they occur on a weekly regularity and for an annual duration

The contents are adapted to each age group with the following goals:

  • The use of sound as a tool to acquire knowledge and develop the imagination.
  • Encourage active, creative, and critical listening.
  • Discover the evocative properties and sonority of everyday objects.
  • Include primitive and rudimentary elements in the creative process for a better understanding of ethnic and traditional music.
  • Build traditional indigenous instruments based on local materials
  • Craft sound devices through creative electronics.
  • Foster a more conscious and empowered use of technology and machines.
  • Facilitate the understanding of new music.
  • Experiment with low-tech electrical sounds.
  • Compose and improvise by inquiring the relational possibilities of music as a universal language.