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Action 2. Tools of Innovation in Musical Pedagogy

Action 2 consists of creating a working group to explore new methodologies for musical pedagogy.
 Targeted are music and technology teachers from Primary and Secondary school, conservatories, University degrees as well as any other institution for Music and technology education.

The aim of this action is to develop an educational toolbox and new resources (practical and theoretical) that facilitate the inclusion of new forms of learning music. 
These introduce knowledge about contemporary music and female authors, which is enabled and reinforced by using new technologies in the formal curriculum.

During the first year, the training is in the format of a seminar, with a monthly periodicity and a duration of three hours per conference / workshop. It creates a space for sharing thoughts and debating about pedagogy, as well as being able to elaborate and share innovative didactic resources to be implemented in the context of formal education.

The proposed contents are:

  • Sound as a tool of knowledge and an enhancer of the imagination.
  • Active and deep listening according to the School of Pauline Oliveros.
  • The music from the appearance of noise. John Cage: Silence. Luigi Russolo: The Art of Noises.
  • Pioneers of Electronic Music: A historical review that incorporates female experimental musicians.
  • Sound landscape and field recording.
  • Ethnomusicology: Music outside European-centrism.
  • Creative Electronics: Philosophy of do it yourself (DIY) and do it with others (DIWO).
  • Building music instruments from recycled materials.
  • Collective improvisation and creation.