LIVE -AADK Radio- Espacio de Exhibición sonora

AADK Radio is a space mainly dedicated to sound art, open to all formats and relations. A space of intersections and juxtapositions, hybrid and synesthetic.

Today, Tuesday 27th of February 2018, we are launching the third set of radio.

(If you can’t listen it from here, we invite you to go to our youtube channel AADK Spain)


AADK Radio – Espacio de exhibición sonora –

AADK Radio is a space mainly dedicated to sound art, open to all formats and relations. A space of intersections and juxtapositions, hybrid and synesthetic.

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform, set in the rural town of Blanca, Spain, which creates space for research and contemporary art creation.

The 27th of February 2018, we are launching the third set of radio programmes. Broadcasted by Elena Azzedin, artist and curator, who is the current director of AADK Spain Residency Programme, and Pia Achternkamp (aka l o h) in her personal music project, she is also cofounder of the the group future witchcraft and a member of female:pressure.

At the technical direction, the visual artists and musician Josman P#.

The programs we have prepared are Open Studio, followed by Sonidos Visibles, and ending with Prácticas Contemporáneas.


·Estudios Abiertos

We will present the work of the artists in residency of the month of February:
Lisa Parr e Isaac Wilcox (England and Scotland)
Valeria P. Gopar (Argentina)
Mischa Doorenweerd (Netherlands)
Carlos Suárez (Venezuela/Spain)


·Sonidos visibles

We will have four invited sound projects.

Lake-radio. A place for experimental music and eclectic sounds. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sesiones Halo. Improvisación Libre Vigo.

Radio Coco. Natalia Ramirez Puschel, a project developed between Chile and Madrid.

Sonora: school of sound experimentation. Blanca, Murcia.


·Prácticas contemporáneas:

We will present the Cumplicidades Dance Festival from Lisbon and the selected international artists:
Gizem Aksu – Israel
Mirto Charalampous – Greece
Matías Daporta – Spain
Shira Eviatar – Israel
Oriana Haddad – Italy/Egypt
And the sound artist: Selu Herraiz – Spain

Broadcasted by Klara Menzel and Elena Azzedin.

·Experimental Sound Concert:
Sonic Bodies: Pía Achternkamp (aka l o h) and Selu Herraiz (aka Lilith)

Internacional Project of Cumplicidades Festival

AADK Spain host in the residency program at Centro Negra the creation of the International Project of Cumplicidades Festival 2018. This proposal is based on the idea of generating a greater dialogue among the artists of the Mediterranean area, of creating a space where to confront their authors and individual universes giving place a collaborative process between artists who meet for the first time. The selected artists are:

Gizem Aksu (Turkey)

Myrto Charalampous (Greece)

Matías Daporta (Spain)

Oriana Haddad (Egypt/Italy)

Shira Eviatar (Israel)

During this stay in Blanca they will create, together with the team of AADK Spain, a piece called “Território dos corpos”. They will premiere in 7 different spaces 7 consecutive days in Lisbon.

Have a look to the festival program here.


Open Studios January 2018

The following January 27th, at 8 pm, AADK Spain opens the Centro Negra’s doors to share to all of you the processes of the Artists in Residence of this month.

· Lisa Parr -London, England- and Isaac Wilcox -Glasgow, Scotland- supported by “The Cross Trust”.

· Christopher Matthews -London, UK / Madrid, Spain-.

· Lina Sofia Lundin-Falun, Sweden- supported by “The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee’s International Program”.

· Gabrielle Zimmermann -Stuttgart, Germany-.


AADK SONORA is our new project co-funded by Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation for a 3 years period.

This school for experimental sound has four action lines:

Action 1
Experimental Music classes integrated in the Municipality Music School of Blanca.

Action 2
Tools of Innovation in Musical Pedagogy.

Action 3
Experiences of Collective Creation in Relation to the Territory.

Action 4
This is Not a Sound Art Master

You can read more about this in following link: AADK SONORA dossier

Open Studios November 2017

This Saturday, November 25th at 8:30pm, AADK Spain opens Centro Negra to the public to show the research processes of the Artists in Residence.



Sebastian and Nefeli present a working draft of a choreographic piece. In it, they reflect over the idea of multiplicity and over the conception of Queer. They display and put into action  a series of movements, gestures, and materials through which they intend to dissect the polyvalence of both terms.

Throughout her residency, Gona detaches from her traditional background in Korean painting. She translates her academic knowledge and her classic materials (Korean ink and paper) to new means and elements, creating pieces were she explores the human morphology from a more experimental perspective.

Paula works around the idea of deconstruction. She intends to determine how much of the initial meaning is still imprinted when something is disassembled. Her process begins exploring different materials, and choosing techniques that reinforce the idea of form and counterform: rubbing, stenciling, engraving, printing. Through them, she creates a catalogue of material samples that she later uses as constructive elements of her installation pieces.


More info: Open Studios November 2017 Dossier

Open Studios October 2017

Next Saturday, October 28, at 9:00 p.m., AADK opens Centro Negra to the public to show the research processes of the artists in residence.

Campo Creative Studio: Roxana Roxana Pérez Méndez and Mario Manuel Marzán (Puerto Rico / USA) will share a few video works dealing with absurdity and impotence.

Gabrielle Zimmermann (Stuttgart) develops an interactive installation wrapped in a sound landscape which places the visitor between the essential and the residual, the playful and profound.

Nicolás Dardano (Buenos Aires) shows a laboratory of sound and light feedback based on the temporal pattern of the bells of the church of Blanca, Giuliana Grippo (Buenos Aires) shows us an installation in which it restores a series of elements that reflect natural events with a strong formal aspect.

Antonio Pagán Buendía and Adriana Da Silveira will activate a space through a dialogue with the mountain.


More info: Open Studios October 2017 Dossier

Press conference


The following October 19th at 12:30pm we will do a press conference to talk about:


-Artists in Residence

-AADK Sonora (our new proyecto supported by Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation)


Afterwards we invite to all audience and journalists to eat “Migas” at Centro Negra’s canteen.



Free Improvisation with Josep Lluís Galiana -SONORA-

Free Improvisation
The big game of sonic roaming

Introduction to the essentials of free musical improvisation

Workshop guided Josep Lluís Galiana (

Target group: specially for professional and amateur musicians, but also for any other people interested in sonic knowledge.

Essential to provide instrument, be it musical, body, texts, sound objects…

Development of creativity and expressiveness and the manifestation of our emotions, sensitivity and intuition by creating improvised sound situations.

For more details, please check our Dossier or contact us