Out-doors film screening with Nayra Sanz Fuentes

AADK Spain has invited the filmmaker Nayra Sanz Fuentes to share her body of work -personal and commissioned- and to have a discussion with the audience.

She will present her latest short film “Sub Terrae”, which is a brief introduction to the character Carlos Oroza , who is featured in the film “Tan Antiguo como el Mundo”.

Additionally, she will present a work in progress, which is likely to be finalised during her stay in Blanca.

We are also interested in analysing her commissioned cultural projects, which are a series of videos about the work of other artists in which we not only see the cinematographic treatment of each project but also how Naira places herself in the glaze of the portrayed work.


Cumplicidades Festival Open Call 2017

Festival Cumplicidades (Lisbon, Portugal) > Open Call to dancers/choreographers from the Mediterranean region

Festival Cumplicidades (Lisbon, Portugal) invites five dancers/choreographers from the Mediterranean region to develop a new international production.

Cumplicidades – Lisbon International Contemporary Dance is a festival dedicated to dance, contemporary thought, and meetings between creators, culture professionals, and the public.
Following the path initiated last year, the next edition of Cumplicidades will continue the focus on the Mediterranean region.

The project includes:
– An artistic residency grant at “Centro Negra” (Blanca, Spain), for one month;
– Mentoring and facilitation by Abraham Hurtado, Artistic Director of AADK Spain and Elena Azzedin, Curator and Director of the residency program;
– Première in March 2018 within Festival Cumplicidades;

All costs related with the project are fully covered (accommodation, travels, insurance and food), plus a fee of €1600 for each selected participant.

Eligibility criteria:

The call is for professional performers, dancers and choreographers (with a minimum of 3 years experience).

Artists who can apply must be original from or currently living in the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Libya, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan.

Deadline: 7 September 2017

More info: http://www.festivalcumplicidades.pt/envio-de-propostas-open-call/


For inquiries related with the open call:
Elena Azzedín

For inquiries related with the Festival:
Sara Machado

29th July 2017 Open Studios

(c) Sunny Yanyi Jiang

29th July 2017 Open Studios

On Saturday, 29th July, AADK organizes the monthly open studio event at the Centro Negra and invites the public to explore the work of the artists in residence.

Teodora Zamfirescu focused on the concept of landscape – in both a physical and a social concept by using drawing as a core medium. Sunny Yanyi Jiang is exploring women’s expressions through materials found or used in local crafts, namely, grass, textile, and clay. Sessa Englund is a visual artist, working mostly with sculpture, at Centro Negra she is searching for the dialectics between the fall of the primary sector and the raise of contemporary cultural production.
Joaquin and Renata research about the vernacular architecture and articulate through a poetic installation the relations of balance and interdependency of the new and old building materials, as well as the ways of production before and after the industrial era.

More information please click here:

The following July 21st we will have an amazing experience. Cova-Coven is Primo Gabbiano and Visual Pal, they are from Barcelona and they will come to play an experimental music concert, visuals and perform.
Save the date: Friday – July 21st – 9pm

Festival Mucho Más Mayo 2017

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform that aims to develop spaces for research and contemporary creation.
It’s residency program reflects on how rural environments can raise in the current over-urbanized times, approaching this topic from different perspectives (socio-economic, environmental, poetic)
AADK believes in the importance of process and experimentation over final results. Furthermore, it reflects on the accelerated lifestyle of our societies, on connecting urban and rural environments, and the idea of moving from locality to globality.
As a result of their work developed in Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia, AADK has been invited to participate in Cartagena’s festival Mucho Mas Mayo. Over the festival, two performances would be presented: “Silenciados”, by Daniel Hernández and Alberto Alonso – Abraham Hurtado art director, Selu Herraiz sound designer – and “Habitar la ausencia” performed by Giuliana Grippo.
To see the complete program visit www.muchomasmayo.com

Contemporary Practices III 2017

AADK Spain organises, on the Museums Day, a special program in which to show to the general audience as well as to a specific cultural programmers, national and international, the work of Spanish artists.

This event highlights Blanca’s Council support of the local artist’s work. It also constitutes a starting point for a serie’s of international collaborations willing to create alliances that work on the development and diffusion of contemporary art practices.

A dissemination of the platform, this is what we call “cartographies”. Here’s a trailer of what happened last November in La Caldera Barcelona inside of Fenòmens. Experiències entorn el cos. If you want, you can enjoy the documentary it will be available online until March 19th.

Open Box. February 18, 2017

This Saturday, February 18th in our Open Box from Centro Negra children will write their own stories and learn how to build a tiny publication with their story. In the afternoon we will have short film projections again (from twelve years old).

Appetizers! Come and enjoy the views and eat something with us.

Open Box. February 11, 2017

Open Box in Centro Negra:
Saturday, February 11th
– Workshop for kids. 11.00h to 13.00h. (4€)
Canteen will be opened for all parents who want to stay and enjoy the views.
– Animation short films for all audiences from 17.30h to 18.30h (free activity)
Come and have a different saturday!