On May 19th, AADK Spain participates with the works of the Artists in Residence of May, in Blanca Museum’s day. Different installations / interventions in the streets of Blanca, at Centro Negra and its surroundings, photography and video exhibition at EDOM, as well as the projection of artworks made in 2016 and 2017, en Victoria Theater, will be part of this artistic itinerary:


Streets of Blanca

At 12.30 pm. Performance. Tiana Hemlock-Yensen. (Germany / Australia). Calle de la Iglesia 6.

From 12.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Installations / Interventions:

·Mara Marxt and Tyler Lewis (Scotland); at the cross of the streets: Calle de la Merced, and Calle Esperanza del Castillo.

·Ron Wild (Canada); Address: Calle Nueva.

·Marianela Casado y Lucas Tibaldi (Argentina). Address: Calle Rafael Molina. (Beside Centro Negra)


EDOM. 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm / 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm. Address: Calle Ortega y Gasset.

·Sol Depetris y Ezequiel Manasseri (Argentina); Fotography.

·Tamara Ascanio (Spain); Video-performance.


Teatro Victoria. 2.00 pm / 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm. Entrance of Calle Ortega y Gasset.

·Video-projection of the artworks created by AADK artists in 2016 and 2017

Pietá. Abraham Hurtado (Spain)

Terrain. Daniel Gwirtzman (U.S.A.)

Phoenix Dactilífera. Carlos Cartama (Spain)

Deserts. Anders Bigum y Troels Primdahl (Denmark / Germany)

Sonora. Collective Creation Experience with children from 4 to 6 years old (Blanca)


Centro Negra. From 9.00 pm

Artwork of the artists in residence.

Performance by Tiana Hemlock-Yensen. (Germany / Australia).

Open Canteen and music by Dj P#

Intervención VIII. Antepasados

AADK organized the eighth edition of the program Interventions in Centro Negra in the town of Blanca.

For the program Intervention VIII four invited artists together with AADK team work around the proposed topic for this edition. For this ocassion the chosen topic is: Ancestors.

AADK – with its research and contemporary creation program – has instigated the artists being hosted at Centro Negra to use the territory and the communities as the main material to work with. As a result, diverse topics in different disciplines has been addressed familiarizing the inhabitants of Blanca to the contemporary art practices.

Working with the concept of Ancestors is putting the geneology of a community into the spotlight, creating a cartography of memory that incorporates the distortions provoked by diverse subjectivities. Blanca´s inhabitants will work with the artists sharing their stories, their memories, their objects, and their spaces. Offering us a journey in between history and fiction.

The artists, through their particular means of artistic expression, will have the mission to transform systems of reference, updating them to the current times, acknowledging and engaging the experiences of the inhabitants which constitute the living landscape of Blanca.

The interventions take place throughout the old town of Blanca, using private spaces and in Centro Negra.

Artistas participantes
Greta Bungle
Salvi Vivancos
Nazario Díaz

Intervention VII. Blanca 2025

For a week the guest artists for this seventh intervention focus on the idea of ”speculate” about possible realities in the town of Blanca for the next 10 years.

Today’s societies are related to fear, violence and the insecurity of capitalism, we can think of the place you will be driving the presence of a global crisis affecting our status as citizens and our political attitude in reference to that promise of happiness associated with the welfare state. We start to think about the immediate present with future projection.

Eduardo Balanza works on concepts like livability, and fragile balance between durable, adaptability , resilience, abandonment and reuse. The contrast between fullness and emptiness, represented in this case by a brittle material, paper.

Balanza work includes the action of transporting a car specifically built to be walked through the old town to Centro Negra located up the hills. In it, the audience is part of this “pilgrimage” on a BMW prototype full-scale, is carried shoulders. The piece invites us to reflect on the worship of technology, luxury and unsustainability of happiness.

Isaac Cordal with his installation “Follow The Leaders”, a piece of 150 figures which reflects the simple act of miniaturization of the city making it a kind of decoration. The pieces are small (15/20cm approx.) Normally performed in painted cement. Used concrete as a material has a strong symbolic content, is the track that betrays us against nature, and in Spain have broken all records during the housing bubble.

Abraham Hurtado installation information in a series of actions that are almost extinct in Blanca, as collecting cane or stubble burning orchards trying to freeze these images at the current time for reflection and record for the future. In order to reflect the modernity from customs and resources are lost because modernity is today. We are now aware of what is happening in the foreseeable capitalism of our time, when it feels that art should not go unnoticed using it in a metaphorical and poetic context.

Pablo Peña creates a visual sound registered in Blanca with the intention of making us perceive the multiple options of the sound, using objects and furnishings that are with us every day in our environment. His work focuses on the construction of this documentary bringing other way of perceiving the sound that can analyze and contextualize our reality.

Participant artists
Eduardo Balanza
Isaac Cordal
Abraham Hurtado
Pablo Peña

Intervention VI. Public/private space

Participant artists
Alejandro Cerón (Murcia)
Anabel Labrador (Fraga)
Marisol López Rubio (Alicante)
María M. Cabeza de Vaca (Córdoba)
Victoria Pérez Royo (Zaragoza)
Sofía Tornero (Abarán, Murcia)

Intervention IV. Possible spaces

On this occasion the guest artists working on the relationship that causes the body in space in its various artistic fields, so we proposed the group Todo Por la Praxis to transform unused private spaces in public place to use. Bárbara Sánchez make a performance with the theater group from Blanca “Las Atrevidas” creating a theatrical sequence in relation to the space where it will be presented filling of female rage. Installation from artist Pol Coronado and his peculiar totem consumerism. Andrés Agudelo will installed in an architectural space on a wall of our terrace. Pablo Goikoetxea will show the landscapes around Centro Negra where the body acquires an unusual role. July 27th, 2013.

Participant artists
Andrés Aguadelo Ganem (Berlín/Bogotá)
Pol Coronado (Valencia)
Bárbara Sánchez (Sevilla)
Pablo Goikoetxea (Vigo/Londres/Barcelona)

Intervention III. Nature invasion

Participant artists
Cristina Busto (Asturias)
Miguel Canseco (Extremadura)
Juan Conesa (Cartagena)
Abraham Hurtado (Murcia)
Roberto Martínez (La Rioja)
Pablo Peña (Andalucía)
Vania Rovisco (Lisboa)
Sam3 (Murcia)

Intervention II. Light and body

Intervention II relates the personal work of these artists to the memory of the space to intervening, turning the Centro Negra and the people from Blanca into a universe of absolute fiction. For the development of the actions AADK Spain will collaborate with several associations from Blanca as Te-atrovertigo or the canoeing school. February 2013.

Artistas participantes
Asa Frankenberg (Londres/Estocolmo)
Abraham Hurtado (Berlín/Murcia)
Pablo López Jordán (Murcia)
Francisco Cascales (Murcia)
Román Torre (Asturias)
Victoria Macarte
Rosa Tharrats
Atis Jakobsons (Letonia)

Intervention I. Pilot
  • © Joa Gridfonte
  • © Joa Gridfonte
  • © Joa Gridfonte
  • Joa Gridfonte. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Joa Gridfonte. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Joa Gridfonte. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Joa Gridfonte. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Joa Gridfonte. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Lola Nieto. © Anders Bigum
  • Lola Nieto. © Anders Bigum
  • Lola Nieto. © Anders Bigum
  • Mario G. Sáez. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Pablo López Jordan y Mario G. Sáez. © Abraham Hurtado
  • Pablo López Jordan y Mario G. Sáez. © Abraham Hurtado

Participant artists
Anders Bigum (Dinamarca)
Juan Conesa (Cartagena. 1962)
Joa Gridfonte (Lisboa)
Abraham Hurtado (Murcia)
Pablo López Jordán (Murcia)
Lola Nieto (Cartagena)
Lummu Persch (Murcia)
Mario G. Sáez (Murcia)