AADK Radio – Espacio de exhibición sonora –

AADK Radio is a space mainly dedicated to sound art, open to all formats and relations. A space of intersections and juxtapositions, hybrid and synesthetic.

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform, set in the rural town of Blanca, Spain, which creates space for research and contemporary art creation.

The 27th of February 2018, we are launching the third set of radio programmes. Broadcasted by Elena Azzedin, artist and curator, who is the current director of AADK Spain Residency Programme, and Pia Achternkamp (aka l o h) in her personal music project, she is also cofounder of the the group future witchcraft and a member of female:pressure.

At the technical direction, the visual artists and musician Josman P#.

The programs we have prepared are Open Studio, followed by Sonidos Visibles, and ending with Prácticas Contemporáneas.


·Estudios Abiertos

We will present the work of the artists in residency of the month of February:
Lisa Parr e Isaac Wilcox (England and Scotland)
Valeria P. Gopar (Argentina)
Mischa Doorenweerd (Netherlands)
Carlos Suárez (Venezuela/Spain)


·Sonidos visibles

We will have four invited sound projects.

Lake-radio. A place for experimental music and eclectic sounds. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sesiones Halo. Improvisación Libre Vigo.

Radio Coco. Natalia Ramirez Puschel, a project developed between Chile and Madrid.

Sonora: school of sound experimentation. Blanca, Murcia.


·Prácticas contemporáneas:

We will present the Cumplicidades Dance Festival from Lisbon and the selected international artists:
Gizem Aksu – Israel
Mirto Charalampous – Greece
Matías Daporta – Spain
Shira Eviatar – Israel
Oriana Haddad – Italy/Egypt
And the sound artist: Selu Herraiz – Spain

Broadcasted by Klara Menzel and Elena Azzedin.

·Experimental Sound Concert:
Sonic Bodies: Pía Achternkamp (aka l o h) and Selu Herraiz (aka Lilith)

Out-doors film screening with Nayra Sanz Fuentes

AADK Spain has invited the filmmaker Nayra Sanz Fuentes to share her body of work -personal and commissioned- and to have a discussion with the audience.

She will present her latest short film “Sub Terrae”, which is a brief introduction to the character Carlos Oroza , who is featured in the film “Tan Antiguo como el Mundo”.

Additionally, she will present a work in progress, which is likely to be finalised during her stay in Blanca.

We are also interested in analysing her commissioned cultural projects, which are a series of videos about the work of other artists in which we not only see the cinematographic treatment of each project but also how Naira places herself in the glaze of the portrayed work.


The following July 21st we will have an amazing experience. Cova-Coven is Primo Gabbiano and Visual Pal, they are from Barcelona and they will come to play an experimental music concert, visuals and perform.
Save the date: Friday – July 21st – 9pm

Back to life

Blanca, a small town huddling at the foot of Peña Negra, a volcanic black rock, is reinventing parts of its structure, helped by impulses from artists’ platform AADK Spain. Part of this process is the rediscovery of the actual potentials of a shrunk city. The workshop Back to life will be a step in further developing these impulses, thought from different fields and points of view.

The workshop is a ten full days experience of common living at Centro Negra, and continuous exchange where both —participants and tutors—will think and create the transformation of a space.

20 international participants, in the creative field, will focus on the urban situation where the town meets the steep rocks of the Solan’s range. The area to intervene, consists of set of small informal architectures originally served as micro ‘‘subsistence city’’, mainly used for chicken raising and husbandry. These structures are now almost all abandoned and in various stages of decay.

The site exploration process will develop through different laboratories and approaches: CONSTRUCTION, MAPS, LANDSCAPE, WALKS, PERFORMANCES, MOVIE MAKING, PEOPLE, VEGETATION.
In a final restitution, participants will translate the collected informations to develop proposals for interventions in the Peña Negra, the old town of Blanca.

Mentors: Thilo Folkerts (Berlin-100Landschaftsarchitektur) and Enrique Nieto (University of Alicante).
Tutors: seven international and multidisciplinary tutors along with the context expert: Abraham Hurtado, Juan Conesa and Elena Azzedin (AADK Team)

From September 5th to 15th 2016

Ibn Arabi Film Festival (March 2016)

IBAFF opens this year its experimental cinema section -curated by AADK Spain- as well as a new location that decentralizes the Ibn Arabi International Film Festival by incorporating in its tour the town of Blanca.

This section will take place on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March at theatre Teatro Victoria, Centro Negra and Fundación Pedro Cano.
The selection made by Abraham Hurtado is based on the three research lines of AADK Spain: body, spatiality and territory. Thus, shows how film approaches to these concepts, the different paths of entering the experimental cinema, either through its narratives, composition and/or ways of production.

Teatro Victoria. Territory. Friday, March 4th / 21:00 p.m.

Since 2012 AADK Spain has been working on the territory, inviting artists from around the world to explore our surroundings, giving us in return their particular vision. The whole shooting of the two proposals were made in the region, two very different stories which shows a landscape with a strong poetic and narrative potential.

Saldremos de la crisis pero habrá que sacrificar a una generación (2016). (We will overcome the crisis but one generation will be sacrificed).Short film,1.55 min.(Premiere)
Created and directed by: Silvia Rey (Spain)
Co-produced by: AADK Spain
The Lost Color. Feature film, 60 min
Created and directed by: Kris Limbach (Germany)
Co-produced by: AADK Spain
[Video player: https://vimeo.com/140410951]

Centro Negra. Body. Saturday, March 5th / 19:30 p.m.

In this section the “body” is represented in a broad spectrum of possibilities. There is the body as a space for experimentation with all it potential -where the movement exceeds the foreseeable and all conventions. But there is also shown its fragility and disappearance, either as an organism that becomes ill, or while navigating in the virtual world – where identity disregards the bodily presence.
Novaciéries. (2015) Short film, 16 min.

Created and directed by: (LA) HORDE (Canada)
[Video player: https://vimeo.com/121694462] BEFORE WE GO. (2014) Feature film, 82 min.
Created and directed by: Jorge León (Belgium)
[Video player: https://vimeo.com/121694462]


Party with DJ Visionario Excéntrico, visuals and late short film projection.
Back door is a program that inserts the Clubbing Culture into spaces dedicated mostly to contemporary art.
It is clear that this mass culture imagery based on electronic music, design and fashion affects the contemporary artistic creation and the other way around. The intention of this program is to bring art to new audiences and break the boundaries between production for institutional spaces and specialized audience, and the sound and visual repertoire created for these other spaces opened to a wider audience.

Golfa session 23:00 p.m.

For this session there have been selected a series of proposals that expand or move the boundaries of visual language and the conventional exhibition channels, using internet as space for dissemination -free and accessible to anyone interested.

Jonas Bang & Søren Rye (Dinamarca)
Julian Rosenfeldt (Germany)
Alessandro Inglima (Italia)
Alex Pachón (España)
On another hand there is a selection of music videoclips or videos produced for the fashion they have a strong cinematographic and/or experimental character
Heidi kumao
Kevin Frilet
Tiga Bugatti
Mali Lazell – Mad Dinassen
Nick Knight / Amanda Harlech

Fundación Pedro Cano. Spatiality. Sunday, March 6th / 12 p.m.

“Spatiality” is understood as the relationship established between individuals in the ways of taking up the space. In both pieces, the space is not only a container but also a scenario that strengthens one or another behaviour among the individuals who will have to inhabit it.

Rearranged. (2014) Short Film 9.39 min
Created and directed by; Górzna Ewa (Poland)
La ciudad del trabajo (2015) – Feature film, 61.24 min
Created and directed by Guillermo G. Peydró (Spain)
[Video player: https://vimeo.com/129221318]

Open Box. February 18, 2017

This Saturday, February 18th in our Open Box from Centro Negra children will write their own stories and learn how to build a tiny publication with their story. In the afternoon we will have short film projections again (from twelve years old).

Appetizers! Come and enjoy the views and eat something with us.

Open Box. February 11, 2017

Open Box in Centro Negra:
Saturday, February 11th
– Workshop for kids. 11.00h to 13.00h. (4€)
Canteen will be opened for all parents who want to stay and enjoy the views.
– Animation short films for all audiences from 17.30h to 18.30h (free activity)
Come and have a different saturday!

Open Box. March 18 and 19, 2017

Agenda of the weekend, last Open Box of March

Saturday 18th of March
From 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Stamps´ Workshop
Target group: Intergenerational
Held by Nono Rueda.
Price: 4 €. Registration in Centro Negra
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Screening of animation short films (all audiences).
Free entrance. Popcorns.

Sunday March 19th
From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Drinks, site seeing ant tapas.

Centro Negra. Calle del Castillo, nº 30. Blanca.

Open Box. March 4, 2017

Origami’s workshop from 11 to 13h for all ages. Held by Fernando Rosa.
Sonic laboratory. Becoming Dj. Learn how to be the Dj of the future from 17 to 19h held by Lilith.