Contemporary Practices v Ecology of Art 2019

Contemporary Practices is an annual event organized by AADK Spain to analyse the production models in contemporary art. It opens up a space for knowledge exchange and new collaboration networks. Every year professionals from different backgrounds and different sectors -the public, the private and the independent- are invited in order to rethink art production models and circuits in a more sustainable way. Moreover, the event seek to generate and / or connect “new epicentres” of contemporary cultural production.


Jesús Alcaide (independent curator , Córdoba), Meriem Berrada (MAACAL artistic director and head of culture of Alliance Foundation, Marroc), Tamara Brito (independent artist, Canarias), Javier Cuevas (Tenerife LAV, Canarias), Jonatan Habib (independent curator and writer), Stockholm), Nefeli Myrodia (AIR Onassis Foundation Athens), Andrea Niederbuchner (creative producer of Tanzkongress2019 , Berlin), Pedro Portellano (independent curator, Cineteca Madrid), Björn Säfsten, coreographer and curator, Stockholm),  Rui Silveira (co-director of Something Great, Berlin), Sofía Zuluaga (Residencies Nara-Nido de Águila, Colombia)

Connect and planning

This edition of Contemporary Practices proposes a framework to learn, evaluate, reflect, and rethink the current production models in contemporary art, in order to move towards more sustainable dynamics. Moreover, the meeting seeks to understand sustainability as a wider concept that can include not only economic aspects but also environmental and social ones. 

Contemporary Practices focuses on promoting and making more visible those Spanish artists whose work is related to ecological conscience. It also intends to consolidate new international alliances and pilot collaborations that can programme those artists in the near future as a way to put into practice the conclusions of the meeting.


We are interested in fostering artists from AADK Spain whose body of work has a critical or practical approach to our relationship with our environment. These enquiries can appear either in the topic, the production model or the materiality of their works. A selection of artworks will be presented in a collective exhibition with the intention of putting a spotlight on the growing interest, attitudes and values towards ecology that have been appearing in our territory. This exhibition will also serve as starting point for debates with our guests in a laboratory built for this encounter.

At the close of the event, for both general public and our guests, we will share for the first time “Body in Crisis”, a piece of collective research of artistic practices, directed by Abraham Hurtado.


Andrés Agudelo Ganem, Pia Achternkamp, Elena Azzedin, François Benner, Úrsula Bravo, Francesca Carbone, Juan Conesa, Rubén Crispín, Nicolás Dardano, Diego Lobenal, Anabel Labrador, Derek Van Bulcke, Pedro Lobo, Giuliana Grippo, Selu Herraiz, Dani Hernandez, Josman P#, Nicola Mascia, Aurora Rodriguez.

Curated by Abraham Hurtado.