Blanca is a town with 6000 inhabitants, in the Ricote Valley, crossed by the Segura river. A picturesque site surrounded by mountains and ochre yards.

La Peña Negra is a black rock at the bottom of the Solán mountain which, for long time, gave the name to the old town area. The life was developed in the mountain under the Arabic castle from the XII Century, still nowadays reachable only by foot.

At the beginning of the XX Century, a set of poultry yards occupied the hillside of la Peña Negra, an old D.I.Y. architecture built by private owners. Along the last 30 years this places were abandoned, some were bought by the municipality and some were transformed y the current Centro Negra, the headquarter of AADK Spain. Open to Ricote’s valley and integrated within the mountain rocks, the area has an incredible landscape and heritage value.