LoCS – Laboratory of Critical Spatialities – is an interdisciplinary
action and research group that works at the interface between architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and art. The project is in its embryonic phase and aims to address the issues regarding the mechanism of spatial
production. LoCS starts from the existing conditions and resources and operates driven by the goal of backing regenerative processes and (bio)diversity. Our work span through various scales and spheres of action, often challenging the status quo through a collaborative approach. LoCS favors the economy of means. The aim is to transform disadvantages into potential! We collaborate with and learn from local actors (humans and
non humans) and the scientific community. LoCS has a base in Tahwila, the
rural location in Huerta Arriba of the extended campus of AADK in the
Ricote Valley.

LoCS – Tahwila is directed by the architect María Agudelo Ganem and the artist Andrés Agudelo Ganem, both residents in Berlin.

CS#1. Launch of the project with the first intervention April 2020