(c) Sunny Yanyi Jiang

29th July 2017 Open Studios

On Saturday, 29th July, AADK organizes the monthly open studio event at the Centro Negra and invites the public to explore the work of the artists in residence.

Teodora Zamfirescu focused on the concept of landscape – in both a physical and a social concept by using drawing as a core medium. Sunny Yanyi Jiang is exploring women’s expressions through materials found or used in local crafts, namely, grass, textile, and clay. Sessa Englund is a visual artist, working mostly with sculpture, at Centro Negra she is searching for the dialectics between the fall of the primary sector and the raise of contemporary cultural production.
Joaquin and Renata research about the vernacular architecture and articulate through a poetic installation the relations of balance and interdependency of the new and old building materials, as well as the ways of production before and after the industrial era.

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