ACTIVO SÓNICO is back. A journey from the rare sound to the music that makes you move the body.

Activo Sónico is the space that AADK has created for sound and music confluences, where one can travel from sound art and rare music to the most rabid and eclectic mixes of electronic and dance music.

On this weekend we present two concerts.

-Saturday, October 27th 2018, around 10:30pm, at the close of Open Studios.

Multidisciplinary artist whose creations are influenced both conceptually and aesthetically by online cyberculture, videogames, anime, role-playing games, medieval fantasy imagery and the cognitive narrative. It uses its influences and culture in an alchemical way, generating connections between concepts and ideas apparently in war.

His sound work follows these influences, but moving towards club sounds like trance, hardcore and psytrance forest, squeezing his cyber-medieval imaginary and positioning them in different ways.

His methodology ranges from digital hyper-collage, appropriation and unprejudiced creation, eliminating the underground / mainstream duality.

After the concert BARTOLOMÉ and Kaverna will offer us a dance session to end the night.

-Sunday 28 at 20.30 at the Victoria de Blanca Theater.

Mariana Carvalho y Beatriz Gijón will present a concert of intervened piano and wooden instrument and pier.

Guest artists: Carlos Suárez and Alice Weber

Beatriz Gijón.
Gijón is a spanish pianist/vocalist most interested in improvisation, music creation and contemporary music. She has been trained as a classical pianist, but as soon as she discovered improvisation, she began to play jazz, celtic music and other styles with different ensembles and musicians, which had gave her the facility of connect in many ways with music. Also because this wide perspective, curiosity and passion for other arts, she usually collaborates with theater companies, dancers, painters, visual artists, performers, radio programs, poets and have several interdisciplinary projects nowadays.
She is currently studying a Master’s Degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and her research is focused on the study of contemporary artistic practices in rural areas.

Marina Carvalho
Carvalho is pianist, improviser and performer. From her improvisation works, her interest has expanded to working with the body, gender and a transdisciplinary perspective. She has entered into sound experimentation introducing objects inside and outside the piano and exploring corporalities though eutony. Her current interest is to weave relationships between sound and space in the form of installations, expanded sound bodies, free improvisation, dance and feminism.

She completed her degree in piano at the University of São Paulo. She is part of the Sonora network – music and feminisms and of NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology of the USP, and Orquesta Errante, free improvisation group. She has researched relations between eutonia and free improvisation in scientific initiation, with FAPESP scholarship, supervised by Rogério Costa. She was part of Camerata Profana, ensemble of contemporary music, Coro Profana, vocal laboratory, Insólita Assemble collective and performance nucleus AANGA, directed by Miriam Dascal. She worked in theater as a musician with Club Noir and Lacuna Coletiva. She performed in Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Rumania and several places in Brazil.


Carlos Suárez
Galician-Venezuelan sound artist and educator Carlos Suárez, born in Celanova in 1966. Master of the Conservatorio Superior de Música Simón Bolívar de Caracas (specialising in the electroacoustic) / Ethnomusicologist of the Instituto
Universitario de Estudios Musicales de Caracas / Master in electroacoustic composition
from the UCV.

Alice Weber
Weber is an Australian artist living and working in London. Starting with the body as a site of tension between image and experience, Alice explores femininity, agency, desire and (dis)embodiment through her performance work. Her choreographies are seemingly purposeless performances of balance, repetition, flexibility and stillness, appropriating her own training as a classical dancer, to destabilise the rules and reproductions of the body. She has recently gained her MFA in Choreography from Laban, London (2018).

She has been research artist at Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rome) and her work has been shown at Turner Contemporary (Margate), APT Gallery (London), The Place (London), Chisenhale Dance (London), Festival of Recorded Movement (Vancouver). She has delivered a number of research papers and performances including University of Bedfordshire, Trinity Laban, CoLab Festival, The Cube London. She has also worked as a performer for other artists, ranging from dance to contemporary visual art performance including at Delfina Foundation, Hauser & Wirth, The Performance Studio and Tanzcompagnie Giessen.