On August the 24, at 9:00pm, August’s Open Studios will take place. For said edition, Julia Catherine Ruzyczka de Rosenwerth (Cape Town), Elizabeth Neira (Valparaíso), R. Button  & Melissa McCutcheon (USA), will share the progress of their research, together with Rebecca Gill (Glasgow) who will present her final project. 

Rebecca Gill (Glasgow)

Rebecca’s practice spans the fields of moving image, sound, generative electronics, writing, coding, installations and bio-fabrication, but always grows from a concern with the philosophical, political, scientific facets of interdisciplinary research and thought. Earlier this year, she wrote an essay for Art Review Glasgow, and was an invited guest speaker at the first two Art + Ecology Collective’s ‘Biosystems’ reading groups at The Glasgow Zine Library. She has worked collaboratively with scientists, including for Pint of Science 2018 and 2019, and a micro-residency with Edinburgh University’s Not Just Energy Futures Research Group at Dovecot Studios. Recently her long standing collaborative work has taken her to Nottingham to exhibit at 4/4 Collective’s space in Primary for UK Young Artist’s City Takeover, and the same collaborative work was exhibited last year at Tramway in Glasgow. She graduated from GSA in June 2019.

Rebecca’s practice unfolds from a will to synthesise creative sensibilities with scientific research enquiries and procedures in order to understand the role that agencies of the body play in collective experiences of contemporary precarity. This manifests in generative bodies of work that respond to conceptual sites, or research frameworks such as the peripheral methods of interacting with disembodied space, systems thinking, ecology, biology amongst other scientific arenas, and the location of agency within institutions.

Julia Rosenworth (Cape Town)

Julia de Rosenwerth is a South African performing artist and web designer. She studied contemporary dance at the University of Cape Town and majored in choreography and philosophy. After graduating in 2015 she began working as an independent artist. Julia is a flamenco dancer and is part of flamenco dance company ‘Tierra Flamenca’, run by Che Adams. Julia has grown passionate about music and dance collaboration, connection and conversation, and it is the main subject of her artistic investigations. In more recent years Julia has ventured into the world of improvised music and dance performance and sees it as a potent tool for exploring immediacy, transformation and presence. In recent years Julia has co-founded the arts organisation ANY BODY ZINE supporting independent artists; created and produced improvised performances with fellow dancer Adriana Jamisse (Mozambique) and Kerim Becker (Germany), and curated a music and dance festival in Cape Town inviting artists working with folk dance traditions to present performances and workshops and have discussions. Julia has also been part of an ongoing performance project titled ‘Music Dance 021’ where she regularly attends workshops and participates in public performances that focus on sound and movement collaboration.

Elizabeth Neira (Santiago de Chile)

Elizabeth Neira holds a degree in Social Communication. She is a writer, performance artist and producer. Since 2000 he has developed a transdisciplinary work where he fuses poetry, action art, activism, music, video and the production of independent art. With this proposal she has participated in poetry and performance festivals in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Spain, Finland and Sweden.

His literature has been published in numerous Spanish-language journals and anthologies. Among others, she has published the books “Abyecta” (2003), “El soliloquio de la Reyna” (2004), “La Flor” (2014), “I make love with myself” selected poetry (2017) and the book of essays “Hocicona” (2017).

Neira has conducted poetry and action art workshops in several Latin American countries. She has also organized several poetry and performance meetings as an independent art producer and since 2016 coordinates the CasAcción project in Valparaiso Chile. Currently, her work is oriented towards practices of decolonial feminism with a strong emphasis on transdisciplines as a research area.

R. Button & Melissa McCutcheon (USA)

R. Button and Melissa McCutcheon are a collaborative team primarily interested in conveying absurdity and displacement within the human experience. Rachel obtained her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and Melissa obtained her MFA from the Washington University in St. Louis. R. Button has performed in the Charm City Fringe Festival, and she recently apprenticed at the Lugar a Dudas residency in Cali, Colombia. Melissa is a professor of fine arts, and she has been awarded numerous residencies both nationally and internationally, including the Millay Colony in Austerlitz, New York and Fundación Casa Tres Patios in Medellin, Colombia.

Nathalie Rey (France)

Nathalie Rey is a French artist based in Barcelona since 2006. She had a long academic career in the field of Humanities, with an architectural degree, a degree in Literature and a higher degree in Plastic Arts, before devoting herself to artistic creation. Currently, she works with galleries in Barcelona, Madrid and London. Her work, eclectic at the technical level, follows a kind of narrative thread for years, which oscillates between episodes of more or less contemporary history and events in the life of the artist herself. This creates a disturbing parallel between the dramas of Humanity and individual wounds.
At the same time, it adopts an anti-mercantile stance, since it recounts and expresses, through an ironic pop aesthetic, somewhat Kitsch as elegant, characterized by the artistic reuse of waste and materials of industrial origin, the attraction / repulsion that they generate the human and ecological tragedies inherent in our society