From 28th of July to the 4th of August, Body in Crisis working and researching group will meet again.

After ten years of working on his own creations, Abraham Hurtado enhances the main guideline crossing all of his artworks: the “body in crisis”.

Hurtado’s interest in facilitating practices in which to unveil the traces left in our bodies by our life experiences has led him to develop a personal methodology that seeks to make visible how the individual absorbs historical events and social contexts.


To understand these processes and the folds of his own body of work better, Abraham invites a group of artists to experiment with his methodology and develop artworks in response to his.


Participants on this edition: Andrés Agudelo, Pia Achternkamp, Elena Azzedin, Alberto Alonso, Derek V. Bulcke, François Benner, Francesca Carbone, Nico Dardano, Giuliana Grippo, Selu Herraiz, Pedro Lobo, Anabel Labrador, Rubén Martínez, Aurora Rodríguez, Diego Lobenal y Josman P# , Guests: Nicola Mascia, Josefina Ganem, Piedad Molina y Josh Freund.