This month we will present a new Cartographie. Invited by the Teatro Leal.lav in La Laguna, Tenerife, we will carry out two creation laboratories and two performances:


Transformation by Repetition (Björn Säfsten)

Within this workshop we will experiment with a praxis Säfsten built and used for various works since 2016.The practice is built on a tactile scanning of movement, sound and breath, where the tactile analysis and consciousness drives the transformation of the material at hand. To direct one’s consciousness is to transform what one looks at. Inserting awareness makes things change and choreographing the mind shows what is at stake. The method can both be used to de-create our movement heritage as well as produce choreographic material. It is a physical experiment of becoming through repetition where the dancer needs to juxta-point their wish to produce and control in contrast to realizing the subconscious transformation that is always moving within the body.

The body in crisis (Abraham Hurtado)

Abraham Hurtado’s laboratories are focused on the idea of the body as a container of emotions arising from personal and social occurrences; to reflect the desolation or collateral damage that lives in the body after re-connect with these situations.
Hurtado explores the role of fiction in the era of cynicism and disillusionment, as well as the relationship between the artist and his environment to give rise to new models and the construction of discourses. For ten years he has been working on the concept of “body in crisis” and its overflows in relation to Space and Territory.
The body has its own language and it cans, from the image that generates its presence, talk about the emotions that inhabit us-frustration, brutality, explosion, euphoria, anger, emptiness, desire.-




A.C.A.B. (All Cats Are Beautiful) Spin Off Danza
“The imposed silence, the silence as a void to accommodate all what is muted, the silence as the only possible answer in a society with an increasingly sophisticated repression” – Elena Azzedín.

The economic crisis has caused the dehumanization of society as a side effect. Capitalism takes advantage of this and because it sees in criticism and opinion a problem, it generates an individualistic philosophy and places us in a constant competition. There is a crisis of humanity and an imprint of fear. A vicious circle of imposition and manipulation, a permissiveness that reaches unsuspected limits.

·Idea and concept: Alberto Alonso, Daniel Hernández y Abraham Hurtado.
·Direction: Abraham Hurtado
·Movers and Makers: Alberto Alonso and Daniel Hernández
·Curatorial text: Elena Azzedín
·Sound: Selu Herraiz
·Production and Coordination: Spin Off Danza
·Co-production: AADK Spain
·Photographies: Eva Viera

Residencies: Research in AADK Spain at Centro Negra -Blanca, Murcia- and in Centro de Danza Canal -Madrid- (2017)


Prologue (Björn Säfsten)
The work is a re-creation of a piece for two performers from 2012, moulded into a work for a single performer.

An open space offers a view of an individual, eyes covered, a woman looking out into nothing. She is tracing a world of signifiers, searching for a language to hold onto. She arms herself, and leads herself to becoming something new through transforming inputs and cliches that otherwise would have led her to another identity. It is all a game, a game of perception, a game of agency and of who is in charge. She is being recreated becoming a new, together with the audience, the spectator. She unfolds the possibilities of what the situation itself wants her to become.

In Prologue Björn Säfsten and Sophie Augot explores the violence of language. The body and the mind and its connected actions are here laid bare. The focus is on creating identified representations and then engaging them in a role-play, juggling both their construction and their possible meaning. It’s a game with both the syntax and the semantics of the body and it´s gestures, to bring images to life that visually problematize our notion of interpretation.

·Idea and concept: Björn Säfsten, Anja Arnquist and Sophie Augot
·Performer: Sophie Augot
·Light and Scenography: SUTODA
·Costume: Sophie Augot
·Sound editing: Jon Skoog
·Music: Four Tops, George Michael, Four tet and Chairlift
·Production: Säfsten Produktion and Nordberg movements

Prologue is a co-production between Säfsten Produktion and Nordberg Movements.
Created in support by The Swedish Arts Council, City of Stockholm and The Swedish Research Council.