ACAB (All Cast Are Beautiful)

El Respiradero of GETXOARTE 6th and 7th October 2018
Saturday 6th of October 10h-22h
Sunday 7th of October 10h-14h/16.30h-22h
Plaza de la Estación Arenas
Getxo – Bilbao

Daniel Hernández, Alberto Alonso and Abraham Hurtado have been invited to present their scenic research ACAB at the Getxoarte Festival within the curatorial display El Respiradero

El Respiradero is a curatorial display, a structure of collective making, a mediation of friction and tact, a counterfestival, a framework that makes possible a space in which to share, observe and dialogue about the uses of the body. A tool proposed as a place that takes advantage of public space to activate it, overlap and name a set of pro-posals linked to the performing arts, and poetry.



Body in Crisis by Abraham Hurtado

Working group
From 17th to 22nd of November 2018
Centro Negra

After ten years of his own creation, Abraham Hurtado finds a way to define the line that traverses all his work: the “body in crisis”.

His interest in generating experiences in which to display the traces left in the body by personal experiences, has led him to develop a methodology, and to make visible how the individual absorbs historical events and social contexts.

To fully understand these processes and the folds of his own body of work, A. Hurtado invites other artists to experiment with their methodology and to generate new artworks in response.

Guests of part II: Andrés Agudelo, Pia Achternkamp, Elena Azzedin, Alberto Alonso, Úrsula Bravo, Derek V. Bulcke, Daniel Hernández, Selu Herraiz, Pedro Lobo, Emilio Manzano and Josman P#.



Oh! Monstruo

“Hippogriff, liberating hippogriff, take me higher than the sky … To obey the divine elder, we will go, oh monster, beyond the gates of the horizon, I will ride on the cities, on the field where I suffered.”

Oh! Monstruo is a project of Eduardo Hurtado curated by Jesús Alcaide with the participation of Daniel Hernández, Aimar Pérez Galí and Javier Vaquero; and the collaboration of Oiha Indart, r-r-r, Ventura & Hostas and Pedro Lobo at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Carmen (Valencia).

Dates of Exhibition: From 24th of November until end of January.
Activation: 24th of November at 7:30pm by Daniel Hernández, Javier Vaquero and Eduardo Hurtado.
Curated by: Jesús Alcaide
Location: CCCC. C/ Museo, nº 2. (46003) Valencia.

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