Abraham Hurtado will present the AADK Spain project at the II International Congress of Arts and Diversity

Saturday 09th November 5.45pm – Pabellón 2 – Murcia

An event that will bring together in Murcia up to 40 professionals from countries such as Portugal, Morocco, Canada and Argentina.

This new edition will continue to deepen such important challenges in today’s society as the management of diversity, this time being the identity constructs in the network, border limits, equal treatment and violence, the thematic axes in which these activities are framed.

Conference at the II International Congress of Arts and Diversity

During 2006, Abraham Hurtado along with a group of artists residing in Berlin meet to conceive various projects from multiple disciplines.

This work originates the  AADK platform (Current Architecture of Culture) The expansion of its nucleus today makes it an international platform for curatorial projects by artists, both members and guests.

 AADK Spain sets later at Centro Negra (Blanca, Murcia), shaping a contemporary research and creation space to develop artistic projects in rural areas. The theme “from the local to the global” is presented in the different artistic interventions created in residence.

ABRAHAM HURTADO is founder and artistic director of AADK, artist and independent curator. In his own work he explores the notions of space and body, and how the affectation and affection of both concepts can be articulated in response to today’s society. His work has stood out in performance and installation festivals. As curator, it is worth mentioning the Cumplicidades Lisboa 2018 Festival, Fenomens 2016/2017 IBAFF Festival-experimental section-2016. As a curatorial advisor has collaborated with projects like Tanzkongress 2019(Germany), Roberto Cimetta Foundation (France), Goethe Institut, among others. After ten years of his own creation, Abraham Hurtado redraws the line that has crossed all his research: as “body in crisis.” His interest in generating experiences in which to display the traces that personal experiences leave in the body has led to develop his own methodology and to make visible how the individual absorbs historical events and social contexts. In December 2019, he will premier his first feature film “After the wound” based on the initiation of the body with the territory.

+info event: http://cepaim.org/event/ii-congreso-internacional-de-artes-y-diversidad-identidad-virtual-territorio-fronteras-y-violencias/