Festival of Experimental Musique and Collective creation del Valle de Ricote



This Festival is an encounter of musicians with very diverse styles, ages and backgrounds: De la Raíz al Noise (From Roots to Noise) is the first experimental music and collective creation festival of the Ricote Valley.

Date: 23 – 06 – 2018
Hours: 8.00pm – 2.00am
Location: Centro Negra, Blanca. Calle del Castillo 30.
Organized by: AADK Spain
Co-founded by Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation








Collective works:
Deep listening Lab (Children group of Sonora, Blanca)
The roaming ensemble (Musicians of the Region)
La orquesta exploratoria (Grupo la capaza, Blanca)
Nacho Muñoz (Galicia)
Josep Lluís Galiana (Valencia)
Carlos Suárez (Galicia)

Individual sets:
Pia Achternkamp aka Loh (Berlin)
Selu Herraiz (AADK, Murcia)
Dj Shak (Barcelona)

Sound Installations:
Art interventions made by the participants of the NoMaster