Next Saturday, 25th of February at 8.30 p.m we will have the first Open Studios of the year, where shearing the research of the artists in residence of AADK Spain.

Edvardas Giedraitis (Lituania) and Sarah Gautier (Bretaña)
They come from the fields of philosophy of anthropology and sociology respectively. During the residency program they are trying to generate a physical environment were to constellate the personal experience as well as cultural and metaphysical aspects of dreams.

Daniel Hernández (Alicante) and Alberto Alonso (Madrid).
Dancers and Choreographers, have proposed to Abraham Hurtado to take part in a research about “silence” from the body within their particular perspectives and approaches. Their idea is to create a series of hybrid pieces between performance, dance and installation.

Noelia Rueda (Nono)
She is graduated in Audiovisual communication and Graphic Design, she has decided to abandon these professions to be totally dedicated to drawing. Although she has constantly drawn since her childhood it was in 2014 when she started to live only on illustration and her research in AADK residency is about the body of her artwork, what drives her to draw? What do her drawings convey? What is the the world that inhabits behind the eyes and how to liberate it and share it without judgement?