II Festival de la Raíz al Noise (From Roots to Noise) ·  May 18th 2019

This Festival is an encounter of musicians with very diverse styles, ages and backgrounds: De la Raíz al Noise (From Roots to Noise) is the first experimental music and collective creation festival of the Ricote Valley, organised for the second time in 2019.

This festival will be included in the Museums Day, were different proposals will run along the whole day taking place in centro Negra as well as in other locations of Blanca.



Nilo Gallego (León)

Aula de Escucha Activa (Blanca)

Peña huertana La Capaza (Blanca)

Raúl Cantizano (Sevilla)

Kaaverna (Murcia)

Koichi Shimizu (Bangkok)