At the beginning of 2018, some people linked to the contemporary art scene of La Laguna -specifically from the Laboratory of Live Arts from the Leal Theater (LEAL.LAV– and AADK / Centro Negra, Murcia, started to share critical thoughts around the artistic-curatorial practice as one thing. Artists who propel and propose contexts for art creation in the peripheries, who deal with individual and collective needs, who think in terms of radical caring and self caring, opening questions that lead to new questions, and thinking with the bodies about “how”, “when”, “how many” and the “with whom”… Saying with the body:

How to think and building projects and contexts of caring for the creative processes and the accompaniment of the artists? How to create healthy and pleasant dynamics between artists, contexts, mediators, processes and territories? How to deal with the loneliness, the affects, the resources and the timings…?

In this state of things and with the urgent desire of togetherness, AADK Spain and LEAL.LAV propose LA CONGREGACIÓN: and encounter without budget, roadmap between artists linked to LEAL.LAV ( as a case study) and other mediators to think together with the bodies about these and furthermore questions.

La Congregación


Acerina Amador, Tirso Orive, Soren Evinson, María García Vera, Juan Miranda, Carlota Mantecón, Adán Hernández, Tamara Ascanio, Daniel Hernández, Abraham Hurtado, Javier Cuevas, Elena Azzedin and Sara Serrano.