Martial arts for artists
Contemporary art vs. martial arts
a workshop by Kris Limbach

Social movements, art movements and martial arts are connected in manifold ways: From the pure need of self defence for members of any kind of underground or avant garde movement to the artists that are also true masters of martial arts like Yves Klein there is a variety of connections and dynamics between these two forces.

Little is known and investigated about this connection: Art academies are often not interested in the martial arts side (as well as in the political stance ) of an artist. At the same time practitioners of martial arts and their organisations usually just care about their specific practice.

Members of the surrealists, situationists, feminists were often practicing martial arts. Musicians are drawn to martial arts as well as film actors feel the need to practice to improve their “ screen presence”. This workshop will give an brief overview and will include practicing classes with an introduction into some basic self defense techniques and some martial art styles, specifically traditional Karate and Modern Arnis.

Where: At Centro Negra, Blanca, Murcia. Calle del Castillo, 30

Saturday 16th March: 10.00h-14.00h // 17.00h-20.00h
Sunday 17th March: 10.00h-14.00h // 16.00h-19.00h

The workshop is process oriented and will meet the skill levels of every participants.

The workshop is divided into hours of practice and hours of theory.

No need to have previous knowledge in martial arts.

Max of participants: approx 10 // Level: beginner, all levels

What to bring:
Comfy clothes (e.g. t-shirt, jogging pants, sport shoes) Optional: bring tools for your specific art practice (instruments, brushes, etc.. )

About the teacher:
Kris Limbach is a film maker and audiovisual artist. He ́s a long time practitioner of traditional Karate-Do and the philipine stick-fighting martial arts Modern Arnis and he is cross-trains boxing and self defence for 15 years. Cross referencing and conceptualizing different aspects of martial arts is one of the hidden variables of his artwork.



Price: 30.00€

Accommodation: 20.00€ per night in the artist house, 5 minutes walk from the Centro Negra