SONORA is a School of Sound Experimentation established at Centro Negra, in Blanca (Murcia, Spain), in the rural environment of the Ricote Valley.

A project runned by AADK Spain, co-created and directed by artist-educator Selu Herraiz. Co-produced by Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, which will financially support the initiative over a period of three years.

Its main aims are: to foster the development of musical pedagogy through creation, to encourage new ways of learning and contemporary thinking based on sound experimentation, as well as the cultural dynamization of the Ricote Valley. The project seeks to generate a sense of community through collective creation, playing and reflection –addressing issues of gender, cultural diversity as transversal axes– to promote attitudes of collaboration, trust and respect. Thus, Sonora wishes to facilitate transformative experiences through sound, to build other imageries and stimulate  awareness of acoustic ecology.