Creative electronics
Creation of perforated plates and plates with acid. Construction of 5 electronic instruments: crackle box, light theremin, amplifier, 4 channel mixer, schmitt beat trigger, and pulse sequencer. The participants will take home these five machines and much more.

From 8th to 13th of October 2018
Location: Centro Negra
Guided by: Carlos Suárez
Organized by: AADK Spain
Co-founded by: Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
Directed by: Selu Herraiz
Curatorial advice: Elena Azzedin.

Aimed at:
Artists and educators interested in experimental music and sound art
Curious people wanting new acoustic experiences who are interested in exploring sound, creativity and a DIY philosophy (do it yourself)
Both professional and non-professional.

More info about the complete course: Not a Sound Art Master dossier