Module 4 (Experimental Organology) of our: “This is Not a Sound Art Master”

In the next module of the “No Master -Specialized course for experimental music and Sound Art”, we will go through an authentic creative storm. Inventing instruments is not just to produce them but, through the building process, to form an implicit imagining of the sound that we aspire to transmit; an imagining of the speech that the ear senses in real-time. They suggest an intensive way of being played, to try to find inside them the vibrations of the inaudible.

From 3rd to 8th December 2018 Blanca, Murcia.

The fee of the module is 180 € and includes:
– Classes (48 hours)
– Curatorial Tutoring (12 hours)
– 7 days of accommodation in Blanca, Murcia.

(there is no need to have been in previous modules! )

Location: Centro Negra
Guided by: Carlos Suárez
Organized by: AADK Spain
Co-founded by: Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
Directed by: Selu Herraiz
Curatorial advice: Elena Azzedin.

Aimed at:
Artists and educators interested in experimental music and sound art. Curious people wanting new acoustic experiences who are interested in exploring sound, creativity and a DIY philosophy (do it yourself). Both professional and non-professional.

More info about the complete course: Not a Sound Art Master dossier