Next May 26th we will carry out our monthly Open Studios’ night. We invite you to join us at Centro Negra to take a look at the artworks of the artists in residence: Tiana Hemlock-Yensen (Germany / Australia); Mara Marxt & Tyler Lewis (Austria / USA); Ron Wild (Canadá); Sol Depetris and and Ezequiel Manasseri; Marianela Casado and Lucas Tibaldi (Argentina). Starting at 9:00 p.m. Open Canteen.


·Mara Marxt Lewis and Tyler Lewis ( Austria / U.S.A)

Mara and Tyler are visual and sound artists respectively.-wife and husband duo- began collaborating in 2013 at the Banff Centre, Canada. Their immersive multimedia artworks have continued to be the main focus of their collaborative practice as their working relationship strengthens and evolves with each piece. In their practice they focus on the complex relationship between humankind and nature, believing that how we engage with our natural environment is at times harmonious and other times oblivious. They present both of these perspectives in installation artworks using found objects, photography and audio-recordings to place elements of the natural world in dialogue with those of modern humanity. They participated in artist in residence programs in Scotland (Common Ground Residency), Germany (Pilotenkueche), Canada (The Banff Centre), United States (Elsewhere Studios) and even organized their own residence program in Seattle area (With the berries). Their work has been shown in venues in Scotland, Canada, the United States and Germany. Their artwork has been commissioned by Nuit Blanche Calgary in Canada, and the public art department of Klagenfurt, Austria.
They currently live and work in Glasgow, Scotland and Graz, Austria.


·María Sol Depetris and Ezequiel Adelmo Manasseri (Argentina)

Depetris and Manasseri -couple and partners in work and life- are architect by the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design of the National University of Rosario, UNR.
In 2015, they founded the architecture studio MANASSERIDEPETRIS, dedicated to design, art, architecture and urban planning. During 2016 they started a research project about techniques and trades of craftsmen to experiment with different materials and processes, resulting in CITRINO -a furniture design enterprise.
In 2009 Ezequiel received the award for Best Project of Graduation Archiprix International Award -local instance- and in 2011 he obtained the mention PF in the international instance in MIT, Boston, Massachusetts. Between 2010 and 2014, he have participated in the subject Architectural Project of the chair of Dr. Aníbal J. Moliné. He was the coordinator and jury of the contest for the selection of the Best Graduation Project of the FAPyD, Archiprix International Award, Local Instance, 2013 and 2015 Edition.
María Sol, from 2007 to 2015, served as Assistant Secretary for Extension of the FAPyD and
between 2009 to 2010 she participated as a Student Counselor in the Independent Domino Group to be part of the Board of Directors. In 2009 she was a member of the Superior Council of the UNR and in 2012 she founded the Centro Cultural y Galería de Arte DOSCUARTOS, a place that worked until mid-2016. María Sol also has participated as a jury and evaluation committee in various competitions and she obtained awards and mentions in photography. She made several workshops, seminars and clinics.
From 2016 to 2017 she worked as Secretary of Interinstitutional Relations in the College of Architects of District 2.


·Marianela Casado (Argentina)

In 2010, she began her studies in Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the National University of Rosario, UNR. Since 2011 she was part of a neighborhood work group called the Popular Education Group, with which she carried out university extension work in various peripheral neighborhoods of the city of Rosario. Some of the projects that she have been guiding are: Sembrando Realidades and Está por ver. In 2015, she coordinated the Popular Education Group and held an adult literacy program called “Yo sí Puedo” in the Ludueña neighborhood. Currently, she is part of the Course ‘Curriculum and Didactics of Teachers in Anthropology’ as an Assistant Professor and is a graduate member of the Center for Philosophical, Historical and Anthropological Studies in Education, UNR. Her thesis is a research within the area called Urban Anthropology. In 2017, she began an investigation based on a neighborhood in the city of Rosario that is in the process of being privatized.


·Lucas Tibaldi (Argentina)

Tibaldi studied Statistics for 5 years and in 2007 he began his studies as an architect in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design of the National University of Rosario, UNR.
At the same time, he began to investigate and train in visual arts with Professor P. Silquiti (2007) and the Lic. in Fine Arts: V. Gómez Haid (2008-2009). In the following years he exhibited his first artistic productions individually and collectively, as well as he participated as a collaborator in the construction of sculptures by the artist Dante Taparelli. In 2017 he entered in the Municipal School of Plastic Arts Manuel Musto, where he attended art history workshops: Avant-garde of the 20th Century and Contemporary Art by Nancy Rojas and Silvia Ferrari.
In this same year and up to the present, he carried out a clinic for the work of the visual artist Mauro Guzmán, which allowed him to enter into the investigation of contemporary art. In 2017 he was selected to participate in a Workshop on MACRO coordinated by Leticia Obeid.


·Tamara Ascanio (Spain)

Ascanio is researcher and scenic creator, performer and singer. Graduated in Drama Art (2010), Master in scenic practice and visual culture by (MPECV) and ARTEA (2013, Madrid).
In 2012 participates as a performer in the piece Untitled, Still Life, by Borralho & Joao Galante. Ascanio studied at MPECV where she developed Zoom, her first work as a creator. In 2014 she participates in the seminar Teatralidades Expandidas programed by ARTEA giving as a result the performance Cocina en Directo in collaboration with Mariona Naudin and Marta Batisttella. The same year Tamara is selected for the program of the artists in residence from La Casa Encendida together with CA2M, there is where she starts La Voz Transparente, a long research developed along Leal Lav (Tenerife), La Caldera (Barcelona) at currently at Centro Negra (Murcia).
Her scenic research work is characterized by navigating in the hidden territory of our daily reality and his fascination with the experience of estrangement. Lover of a slow temporality that expands, necessary to optimize our perception and deepen it. Silence and sound composition in real time have a fundamental presence in Tamara´s work.

This residency is supported partially by Canarias Crea.


·Tiana Hemlock-Yensen (Australia / Germany)

Tiana is a dancer, writer, choreographer, teacher graduated from the S.N.D.O, Amsterdam in 2016 with a bachelor in Choreography. Before moving to Europe she performed and made work in NYC from 2008- 2012. She has a deep interest in the intimate and personal while continually questioning whether there is anything concrete about being a person anyway. Her works are informed by ritual and obsession, by intense physical practices, by extensive reading and by looking to identify the specific machines and constructions that we coproduce ourselves with. She is generating site specific performance work during her AADK residency in Murcia, Spain supported in part by the European Cultural Foundation’s STEP Travel Grant. She looks for and works around how to build meaningful fictions and connections of all kinds for the futures. Tiana is currently part of the Klein Technique Teacher Certification Program and is making her own work as well as touring as a dancer in Europe and the world. Tiana has the pleasure of often working with and/or performing for Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Oneka von Schrader, Giulio D’Anna, Juli Reinhartz, Jeremy Wade and Benjamin Kamino and continues to draw physical and artistic inspiration from Maria F. Scaroni, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Katie Duck, Ria Higler and Susan T. Klein.

This residency is supported partially by the STEP Travel Grant financed by European Cultural Foundation.


·Ron Wild (Canada)

Ron is an artist living in Toronto, often collaborating with mathematicians, scientists, and medical researchers. These collaborations facilitate the melding together of disparate processes, ideas, and contexts toward the goal of new discovery. A cross-camp runner, transporting ideas from one silo of expertise to another, he not only cross-pollinates original ideas, but also illustrates the lateral thinking explorations that spawned them in the first place. Rapid prototyping enables a fearless ‘let’s see what happens’ mode of playful experimentation and development in Wild’s work. Ron’s most widely known for his unique ‘smART Map’ digital mashups incorporating 80-100 layers of icons, graphics, and opaque background images. His Raw’n’ Wild signature montage style evolved from a personal visual note keeping system he developed while prototyping graphical user interfaces in the computer industry.
Now he actively explores ‘Digit All’ capabilities including; CNC (computer numerical control), interactive / programmable (Internet of Things), smart phone apps, virtual graffiti, projection, and 3D printing. An active portfolio of long term projects includes; Map of the Great Ideas (information mapping interface), MAPSwithOUTborders (‘No Compromise’ alternative dispute resolutions), LazyR Cutting (public art stencils), Tensegrity (cardboard tube structures), The Arctic Circle Expedition (Facebook group concerning global warming and single-use plastic pollution), WallBridge and Bottled Water Glacier (public art sculpture / structure), lenticular and anamorphic projections. Ron has been Artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre (Canada), Canadian Film Centre Media Lab (Toronto), Foundacion Vasarely (France), the Arctic Circle Expedition (Norway), and AADK Centro Negra (Spain).