Next Saturday, August 26th, at 9:30 pm, AADK Spain opens Centro Negra to the public to show the research processes of the artists in residence:

Marynes Ávila (Buenos Aires/Melbourne) is a multidisciplinary artist, who creates works that respond to the context and the community by implementing the use of “multiplicity as connection systems” in public spaces. Miguel Aparicio (Granada/Madrid), conducts a research centered on sound, taking field recordings and generating new sound compositions as well as developing their materialisation in installation format. Juliana España Keller (Montreal/Melbourne) will perform with Úrsula Bravo and Josman Canyon, generating a live audiovisual installation, whose narrative reflects the body as landscape, and as a post-human and animal entity.


Schedule and locations of the sound installation::
Friday August 25th and Saturday August 26th
Charter Supermarket, from 7pm to 9pm Heladería Blanca, from 8h to 10h
Heladería Paco, from 9h to 11h
Día Supermarket, from 7pm to 9pm
Kevin Food, from 9pm to 11pm
Bar Loba, from 9pm to 10pm
Sandy Supermarket, from 7pm to 9pm
Tobacco Jesus, from 7pm to 9pm
Conchi Vegetables, from 7pm to 9pm
Ferretería Gran Vía, from 7pm to 9pm

‘Unitatis’ Detail II ©Marynes Avila