The following April 28th at 8:30pm AADK Spain opens the Centro Negra’s doors to share to all of you the processes of the Artists in Residence of this month. With many different backgrounds such as architecture, anthropology, visual arts, sound installation, filmmaking, writing and photography, they will bring focus specificly upon territory and spatiality. Open their studies:


  • María Sol Depetris, Ezequiel Adelmo Manasseri, Marianela Casado and Lucas Tibaldi – Argentina.
  • Emma Löfström – Sweden- Supported by Iaspis (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee).
  • Isaac Wilcox and Lisa Parr – Scotland and England- supported by The Cross Trust.
  • Mara Marxt Lewis and Tylor Lewis – Austria and U.S.A.
  • Rami Tsalka and Nava Aizescu -Israel and Brazil-


In addition, from the collaboration between Sofia Zuluaga – Colombia, residing in Argentina – and AADK Spain, we will exhibit the work of the following artists: Cristina Portela, Cecilia Soldano, Hernán Salvo, Giuliana Grippo (Argentina), Karen Bendek (Colombia), Jose David Sánchez Carrillo (Blanca) and Selu Herraiz (Murcia).