On January the 26th, at 8:30pm, we will carry out our monthly Open Studios night. We invite you to join us at Centro Negra to experience the artworks of Doris Althaus (Solothurn), Edward Johansson (Mariehamn/Lemland, Åland Islands) and Minna Öberg (Mariehamn, Åland Islands), Lina Sofia Lundin (Falun) and Anneloes Gerdien (Utrecht), the artists in residence of the month of January.


Doris Althaus (Solothurn)
Since 1996 Doris runs her own ceramics studio. She shows her work regularly in different exhibitions and ceramic markets in Switzerland. She works frequently as teacher/instructor for ceramics in various institutions and with her own workshop. For about 1 to 2 days a week she works in a Day Center for People with multiple disabilities.

She mainly deals with figurative ceramics, but she would like to use this artist-in-residence stay to put her sometimes repetitive work in a new context. She would like to use the unfamiliar environment as a source of inspiration and find out how this can influence her work.

At the moment Doris is mainly involved in the development of new surfaces. She is particularly interested in printing and Transfer Techniques for Ceramics to develop Wall Installation.

2003 Ausbilderin FA Trainer in Adult Learning with Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training since 1989, Targeted further education courses for ceramic 1989. Swiss Certificate of Competence for Ceramic and Apprenticeship by Kohler Keramik Biel Switzerland.

Edward Johansson (Mariehamn/Lemland, Åland Islands) and Minna Öberg (Mariehamn, Åland Islands)

-Edward Johansson
Since 2014 Edward runs his own printmaking studio -Ahvaland- working both with personal and commissioned work. The studio is set up for letterpress printing on Heidelbergs, Vandercook printing press, and an intaglio section for copperplate printing.

He enjoys to challenge his skills and experience with new ideas and collaborations, but most comfortable working with text based projects and manual processes. His work tends to exist in the boundaries between art, crafts and design, finding fundamental that both- concept and technique- are properly considered and well executed.

2009 BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins, London. 2012 MRes Design, Goldsmiths, London.

-Minna Öberg
Minna’s studies consist of a BA in Fine Art at Novia University of Applied Sciences and a MA in Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
A relevant experience for her has been taking part of a Baltic network called B7, including the seven largest islands in the Baltic. Making site-specific art at all the islands, visiting a new one each year, abandoned hotels, old power plants and all sorts of interesting places to interact with.
Minna enjoys working with used and recycled materials. Often she lets the time and the space decide the working method. Street art and innovative ways of using public space inspire her.

Residency supported with travelling grant by Alands Kulturdelegation

Lina Sofia Lundin (Falun)
Lina Sofia Lundin (b. 1984) is a textile artist, educator and author. She investigates art processes in relationship to material, knowledge and place. She is based on the countryside of Sweden where she explores natural dyes, cultivating dye plants and natural fibers. While working she is incorporating local skills from the community by including participants in the activities around cultivating and crafting. She is trying to find out how information transforms itself from theory to knowledge and how it can be embodied. The social platforms she builds is an essential part in her projects.
The natural dyeing techniques have for a long time had a history of keeping expert skills as secrets. Lina Sofia wanted to open up the field which led her to teaching and lecturing in the
subject, also the publications The Dyeing Manifest – The Expanded Field of Composting 2013, Natural Dyes 2014, 2017 and 2019.
Between 2009-2016 Lina Sofia investigated collaborative consumption through a shared wardrobe in a shape as a clothes library. The project dealt with issues around mending, life
span of garments, ecology, human behavior and also created a space for new ideas to be born within the circularity of materials. It was located in the suburb of Stockholm and had 360
members. Between 2016-2018 she worked for the Swedish Public Art Agency in a residential area in a nearby city with a great diversity of residents. The municipality plan a new urban district park, a new square and the existing houses are being renovated. Cooking, textiles and dyeing with spices and plants have been the starting point for dialogues about public spaces and an investigation on how they can connect with the location. A public art installation – an outdoor kitchen – was build together with a school and plan to be installed in the park during 2019.
Lina Sofia has a BA degree in Textile Art from the Academy of Art and Craft in Gothenburg, Specialist Craft Tutor from Nyckelviksskolan and studied Ethnology at Stockholm University.

Residency funded by IASPIS (Swedish Arts Grants Committee) and Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

Anneloes Gerdien (Utrecht)
“As a girl I used to live on the Dutch countryside. Growing up in a rural environment close to nature, where living outside, simple life, silence, building and reuse are the main factors of daily life. This simplified lifestyle is one of the things that are still core values that I take with me in my artistic process and research.”

Organic structures – ·Deconstructing elements – Contrasts and taboos -· Surrounding and surfaces

Anneloes Gerdien van der Vinne (1993) is a interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of painting, drawing and fine metalworking and combining visual journalism within the
creating processes.
In her visual journals, drawings, panels and her jewellery she expresses her fascination with natural evolution and emotions that occur in her daily life and diverse environments. She reflects this thinking throughout her whole body of work, inspired by the organic structures that surround us. She considers the potential for growth for each object and uses her intuition to share the value of each one.
Coming from fields of Fashion, Visual culture and Theory she strives to come up with tangible end products where growth and experiment is visual. Within her artistic work new environments are a starting point, which adds to her urge to go out and appear in unpredictable situations and surroundings. Closely observing from a philosophical and anthropological perspective and absorbing the natural behaviours of her surroundings is what she wants to reveal and capture within her art pieces. This allows her to get new incentives, unpredictable processes and in depth outcomes witch give meaning to her end products.
Anneloes Gerdien is mainly based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.