Next July 28th, at 9pm, we will carry out our monthly Open Studios’ night. We invite you to join us at Centro Negra to experience the artworks of Chad Erpelding (Iowa / Idaho), Andrea Peña (Bogotá / Montreal), Carol Rashawnna (Washington), María Velasco (Madrid / Kansas), Bianca Lee (Florida), Clara J: son Borg (Jönköping / Rotterdam), are the artists in residence of the month of July.

These artists work in various disciplines such as painting, printmaking, performance or land art, with a strong interest on the political and environmental contemporary issues.


Chad Erpelding (Iowa / Idaho)
Chad Erpelding is a painter/printmaker/digital media artist whose work utilizes data visualization and systems-based strategies to explore global institutions. Through extensive research of corporations, political systems, governmental organizations, stock markets, etc., he looks to discover various representations of global networks and activities. His work challenges viewers to consider their relationships with these institutions while reevaluating their understanding of place in a global community.

Recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia; Pinebox Art Center, Baltimore, Maryland; Nagoya Zokei University, Nagoya, Japan; and Alberta Printmakers Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
He’s been included in group shows in the Philippines, Argentina, France, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Canada, and Mexico as well as throughout the US. He’s been awarded artist residencies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Marnay-sur-Seine, France; and Yerevan, Armenia.
Erpelding received an MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and is currently a Professor of Drawing and Painting and the Graduate Program Director at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, US.

Andrea Peña (Bogotá / Montreal)
Andrea Peña is a Colombian, Montreal based, multidisciplinary artist within the fields of choreography and design. Her works are focused on the creation of critical, alternative, performative and spatial
universes that question the individual within society, to bring about a consciousness of self within the public and audience. Artistic Director of Andrea Peña & Artists, founded in 2014, the dance company is
recognized nationally and internationally, touring locally and abroad.
Peña’s work has been commissioned by Montreal’s prestigious Musee des Beaux Arts, Canadian Center for Architecture, Laval Symphony Orchestra, the 375e Anniversary of Montreal, amongst others.
Commercially, Andrea has worked for top Montreal fashion brand RUDSAK as Creative Director, spearheading the company’s full visual direction and creative content channels. Peña is currently undergoing a masters at Concordia University starting September 2017, awarded the Dora and Avi Morrow Fellowship for Excellent Achievement in Visual Arts. Academically Peña has worked with Concordia Chair of Design Department, PK Langshaw for an extensive exhibition presented at the FOFA Gallery in 2016 and has been the recipient of two Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Awards. Peña is a TA within the Masters Engineering Department, for courses focused on Critical Design and Innovation. Her artistic creations have been supported by artistic residencies from Topological Media Lab Concordia, Hexagram Concordia, Circuit- Est Centre Choreographic Residency, Ionion Arts Center Greece, FIDCDMX in Mexico.

With the support of LOJIQ, Concordia University and Canada Council for the Arts. “We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.”

Carol Rashawnna (Washington)
Currently, in America, politics ARE the stage of ‘real tv drama’s’, in which she finds herself confused by the current state of our cultural environment.
Concerned about her country being more focused on capitalism than concerned about climate change. Every day, she feels like waking out of a dream and go to bed to a global nightmare. As an African American, the state of what’s occurring there, ie. the displacement of the ‘African American’, through a silent erasure and elimination (contemporary genocide) via legislation, doctrine of abortion, the prison industrial complex, killings by police, gentrification and food deserts, she feels an urgency to leave the country to gain a clearer perspective of her role as
an artist. While migro-agressions in her country are getting worse, she is interested in the common good.

As an artist who deeply cares about the environment, she would like to utilize her time in Spain to slow down, explore her relationship to the land and learn about the river Segura that runs through Blanca. She is willing to do a project focused on climate change, the people and culture in that area.
Her medium are painting/mono-prints and installations, also interested eco-and land art, or art that is regenerative she would love to develop eco-art with mono-print installation.

María Velasco (Madrid / Kansas)
María Velasco is a Spanish-born artist who has been living and working in the US since 1991.
She has shown her work nationally and internationally in prestigious contemporary art venues such all around USA like in Minneapolis, Santa Barbara, Chicago, Kansas City, Saint Joseph, or NY.
Internationally, she has exhibited in Madrid, Paraguay Darmstadt, Mexico, Argentina and Morocco.
Her work appears in prestigious publications. She was Artist-in-Residence at Sculpture Space (2007) and International Artist-in-Residence at ProyectoAce, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012). In 2016, she was Artist-in-Residence at Green Olive Arts, in Tetouan, Morocco.
Velasco received her Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid (1989), and her Master of Fine Arts in New Genre from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1993). She is an Associate Professor of Visual Art at the University of Kansas, and teaches courses in Installation Art, Drawing, Participatory Art, and Professional Practices for artists.

Bianca Lee (Florida)
Her works consists of ephemeral interventions in nature in a way that is emphatically corporeal described as earth-body art. A sculptural practice involving private performances striving for a communion between body, nature and art. Her human-scale works explores the links between humanness and the natural world but rarely use her body as a literal representation of herself. She deals with body art, photography, video and performance. Composing interventions visually and sculpturally while seeking to know through direct experience the essential, sacred nature of the cosmos.

Clara J:son Borg (Jönköping / Rotterdam)
Clara J:son Borg is a Swedish artist based in Rotterdam (NL). Her artistic research is directed towards ontologies surrounding the human body, its possible performance strategies, political subjects and post-dance theories. Though movements experimentation, spoken word, video and text she sets up situations in which cognitive, emotional and kinetic processes are able to enact and fit loosely to one another. An act and a looseness, which she understands as an invitation to observe elements of interpersonal relationships, social choreographies and knowledge hierarchies.
Clara holds a BA from HDK Steneby, Gothenburg University (SE, 2012) and an MA from The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (NL,2016). She has been a resident the XXI CSAV-Artist Laboratory
Materials for performance, led by Yvonne Rainer, Fondoazione Ratti, Como
(IT), Body as Site, Banff Centre, Banff (CAN) and Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (NO). Her work has recently been showed at Yellow Brick, Athens (GR), 13festivalen, Gothenburg (SE) ONONO, Rotterdam (NL), Österängens Konsthall, Jönköping (SE), Now&After international video festival, Moscow (RUS), de Appel, Amsterdam (NL), and Oktoberdans2016, Bergen (NO).

Clara is granted by CBK Rotterdam and by Mondriaan Fund in the Netherlands.