Next June 23th, at 8pm, we will carry out our monthly Open Studios’ night. We invite you to join us at Centro Negra to experience the artworks of Soyoung Park (Canada), Pilar Yvonne (USA), Clara J: son Borg (Sweden) and Tiana Hemlock-Yensen (Germany / Australia). They are the artists in residence of the month of June, and each of them base their work on the body and its relation / affect with specific environments.

With very diverse approaches, their interest go from the question of borders, the performativity of daily objects, the creation of fictional environments, to the narratives that the body and its capacities / limitations displays.

Soyoung Park (Canada)
Is a visual artist who studied Interactive Art, since then, improvisation has been at the heart of her work, pursued graduate studies in London, focusing on intuitive understanding in attaining the intention of art; improvisation soon became her method for merging visual art and dance.

She was then invited to present her work in Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, and Sweden. In 2015 and 2016, Soyoung performed in the Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival. In 2016, I studied Zen Buddhist yoga for meditation in Korea in order to better understand the mind in the act of improvisation, and she participated in workshops and residency programs in Germany that same year. While contemplating improvisation through movement, sheI expanded the idea of improvisation to her practice of visual art by employing everyday objects as her subjects and her media. Park started to use organic materials, which change their colors and shapes over time. This led her to be an artist-in-residence in Korea on ‘Nature Art’ and improvisation in 2016, and in France in 2017. In addition, she was invited to participate in art camps in Romania, and in movement workshops for an annual festival in Topolò, Italy.

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts. “We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.”


Pilar Yvonne (USA)
Pilar is a choreographer and freelance dancer in Philadelphia, USA; previously based in New Orleans, Montréal, and Minneapolis. Her various places of home and travels continue to provide Pilar with new challenges and environments to engage with. Her choreography has often been rooted in improvisational beginnings and at times improvisational performances. She is challenging herself now to delve deeper into her ideas to find clearer vocabularies and nuanced visions. She finds inspiration for her work from reading a lot of sci-fi, seeking solitude, and practicing activities unassociated with dance. Pilar wants her work to engage people of all backgrounds, and to give them entrance into alternate realities. She believes in the power of a spectacle, and seeks to create atmospheric pieces that feel otherworldly. Following her participation at AADK, she will be a resident artist at Urban Movement Arts, in Philadelphia, where she will be developing her research from AADK into a larger work. She is currently dancing for Caroline O’Brien, Alchemy Dance, and Jessica Warchal-King. She has trained extensively in modern, contemporary and ballet, as well as hip hop, jazz, West African, contemporary Indian, Gaga, and contact improv.

Pilar resorted to Kickstarter to help finance the stay at Centro Negra AADK Spain.

Clara J:son Borg (Sweden)
Clara J:son Borg is a Swedish artist based in Rotterdam (NL). Her artistic research is directed towards ontologies surrounding the human body, its possible performance strategies, political subjects and post-dance theories. Though movements experimentation, spoken word, video and text she sets up situations in which cognitive, emotional and kinetic processes are able to enact and fit loosely to one another. An act and a looseness, which she understands as an invitation to observe elements of interpersonal relationships, social choreographies and knowledge hierarchies.

Clara holds a BA from HDK Steneby, Gothenburg University (SE, 2012) and an MA from The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (NL,2016). She has been a resident the XXI CSAV-Artist Laboratory
Materials for performance, led by Yvonne Rainer, Fondoazione Ratti, Como
(IT), Body as Site, Banff Centre, Banff (CAN) and Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (NO). Her work has recently been showed at Yellow Brick, Athens (GR), 13festivalen, Gothenburg (SE) ONONO, Rotterdam (NL), Österängens Konsthall, Jönköping (SE), Now&After international video festival, Moscow (RUS), de Appel, Amsterdam (NL), and Oktoberdans2016, Bergen (NO).

Clara is granted by CBK Rotterdam.


Tiana Hemlock (Germany / Australia)
Tiana Hemlock-Yensen is a dancer, writer, choreographer, teacher graduated from the S.N.D.O, Amsterdam in 2016 with a bachelor in Choreography. Before moving to Europe she performed and made work in NYC from 2008- 2012. She has a deep interest in the intimate and personal while continually questioning whether there is anything concrete about being a person anyway. Her works are informed by ritual and obsession, by intense physical practices, by extensive reading and by looking to identify the specific machines and constructions that we coproduce ourselves with. She is generating site specific performance work during her AADK residency in Murcia, Spain supported in part by the European Cultural Foundation’s STEP Travel Grant. She looks for and works around how to build meaningful fictions and connections of all kinds for the futures. Tiana is currently part of the Klein Technique Teacher Certification Program and is making her own work as well as touring as a dancer in Europe and the world.
Tiana has the pleasure of often working with and/or performing for Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Oneka von Schrader, Giulio D’Anna, Juli Reinhartz, Jeremy Wade and Benjamin Kamino and continues to draw physical and artistic inspiration from Maria F. Scaroni, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Katie Duck, Ria Higler and Susan T. Klein.

This residency is supported partially by the STEP Travel Grant financed by European Cultural Foundation.