On March the 23rd, at 8:30pm, we will carry out our monthly Open Studios night. We invite you to join us at Centro Negra to experience the artworks of Sarah Rose Guitian (Madrid / Rotterdam) and Florian Braakman (Velp / Rotterdam), Ping Zheng (Zhejiang Province / New York), Soeine Bac (Seoul / Vancouver) and Joong Yong Kim (Seoul / Berlin) and Mijin Hyun (Seoul / Berlin), the artists in residence of the month of March.


Sarah Rose Guitian (Madrid / Rotterdam)
Sarah’s  work originates from scenes of everyday life, where everyone unconsciously interacts with each other. Within it she captures the ‘marginal’ aspects of our society. For example: how people present themselves in the public space and the traces they leave behind. In this she finds fragility and symbolism of how human behavior is influenced by time and routine.

She was born in 1993 in Madrid (Spain), as a child of a Spanish father and a Dutch mother. In 2012 she moved to Rotterdam for her study at the WDKA, where she graduated in 2016 with her project ‘ Looking Without Seeing’ , a video and sound installation in which she explored her relationship with contemporary imagery.

Her two different cultural backgrounds have always fascinated her and fueled her work. Since her departure to the Netherlands she has given extra attention to recording her daily life both in the Netherlands and in Spain. She intuitively looks for cultural differences and similarities of these two countries. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam.

Travel costs supported by CBK in Rotterdam



Florian Braakman (Velp / Rotterdam)
Florian Braakman is an autonomous documentary photographer whose work consists of a series of photographic images. Through a personal relationship with his subject, focusing especially on the concept of ‘neighbourhood’, he is interested in addressing broader universal, social, and cultural themes. In Dutch the term ‘buurman’ (neighbour) is a slang used as a way of greeting people around you.

He uses photography as a way to make contact with people, to question the world, and to gain a grip on our fast-paced everyday ‘reality’. His photographs are mainly used in grouped series, letting separate images be in contact and conversation with one another in the form of publications and installations.

In 2013, he graduated  from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with the project She Comes in Colors, which later took form as a book. Currently, he am working on the long-term project Delfshaven’s Finest, in the socially and culturally diverse neighbourhood in Rotterdam where he has lived since 2013. From this project emerged the work In Between Homes, in which he travels with his neighbours to their country of origin.

He grew up in a town called Velp, near Arnhem in the east of The Netherlands, and then at the age of twenty moved to The Hague for his studies in photography at the Royal Academy of Arts. During that time also he did an internship in Berlin, Germany for 6 months. After his graduation he moved to Rotterdam where he has been living since.

Residency at AADK funded by the Mondriaan Fund.



Ping Zheng (Zhejiang Province / New York)
Born in Zhejiang Provence, China, Ping grew up in a traditional patriarchal family under the restriction of the government’s one-child policy. She describes nature as her refuge in her childhood as she lived in many different geographic regions, surrounded by starkly contrasting natural environments. As an artist, her inspiration is grounded in natural landscapes, where she feels free and peaceful as a human in the outdoors, away from family pressures.

She now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Studying abroad in London and the United States triggered an awareness of gender equality as the very heart of the human rights issues that shape her world. She became aware of the many contributions of women in the West and began to express feminism in her artistic practice.

She is interested in the Subconscious Mind,with a particular focus on spatiality, approaching art as a means of personal development. Her artwork, straddling the line between figurative and abstract, functions as metaphor for the energy and limitless possibilities erupting from artistic freedom and her passionate belief in equality. It is as wide as the desire to expand her horizons.Through it’s awe-inspiring effect nature has always evoked her childhood memories of natural landscapes and given her a renewed sense of self-discovery.



Soeine Bac (Seoul / Vancouver)
Soeine Bac studied Photography and Interactive art in Canada, and Visual Cultures in London, UK. She mainly focuses on the issue of intention in art; improvisation then became her method for merging visual art and movement, and she started incorporating site-specific installation and performance.

She organized dance jams in Seoul, Korea from 2014 to 2016. In 2015 and 2016, she performed at the Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival. She has also done artist residencies in 2015 and 2016, pursuing ‘Nature Art’. In 2017 she was invited to conduct movement workshops for the annual Stazione di Topolò festival in Italy, and to perform on the theme of nature and humans for the Vines Art Festival in Vancouver, Canada. In 2016, she studied Zen Buddhist yoga for meditation in Korea to better understand the mind in the act of improvisation. Since then, she has become interested in the spiritual aspect of art and how it is revealed in life.

She is currently focusing on the relationships between the body and mapping. She is interested in identifying the sense of self in relation to how we perceive cultural and geographical aspects of our surroundings, organizing them in order to navigate through them.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



Joong Yong Kim (Seoul / Berlin)
Joong Yong Kim comes originally from South Korea, where he began a traditional art education in sculpture. Frustrated with the constraints of a technically based education, he wanted to think further about the art itself, so he left his Masters course and moved to Berlin looking to experience more artworks by a variety of people and a different art scene.

Since then, his approach to art continues to evolve. In the past he was interested in artistic expression and technical accomplishment, but now he is interested in the the process of how art is made and what makes art, trying  to maintain an observing and objective attitude and perspective. He investigates and pushes playfully at the boundaries of the context, institutions, scenes and social conventions in which art is made, distributed and consumed.

Mijin Hyun (Seoul / Berlin)
Mijin Hyun is interested in the situations around art, where the public comes into a space and interacts with a work. For this she uses various media such as sound, video or performance. She hopes to investigate the relationship between commodity and artwork, especially focussing on household items or interiors, such as doors, floors, furniture etc. She also connects the context of everyday objects and their use to the context of a museum or gallery. She also explores the architectural element, since spatiality  plays an important role in the perception of the audience.