Next Saturday, October 28, at 9:00 p.m., AADK opens Centro Negra to the public to show the research processes of the artists in residence.

Campo Creative Studio: Roxana Roxana Pérez Méndez and Mario Manuel Marzán (Puerto Rico / USA) will share a few video works dealing with absurdity and impotence.

Gabrielle Zimmermann (Stuttgart) develops an interactive installation wrapped in a sound landscape which places the visitor between the essential and the residual, the playful and profound.

Nicolás Dardano (Buenos Aires) shows a laboratory of sound and light feedback based on the temporal pattern of the bells of the church of Blanca, Giuliana Grippo (Buenos Aires) shows us an installation in which it restores a series of elements that reflect natural events with a strong formal aspect.

Antonio Pagán Buendía and Adriana Da Silveira will activate a space through a dialogue with the mountain.


More info: Open Studios October 2017 Dossier