open studios

Friday 25th October 9pm

On the 25th of October, at 9:00pm will take place the monthly event of Open Studios. For said edition we are going to present the results of work of Naomi Tarle from Santa Mónica, USA, Dorothy Cheung from Hong-Kong and Beatriz Gijón from Granada, Spain, Jéhan Òsanyin from Seattle, USA, Marcy Petit from Lille, France, and Candice Okada from Vancouver, Canada.

Dorothy Cheung

Dorothy Cheung (b.1987) was born and raised in Hong Kong. Currently based in Rotterdam, she has recently graduated from Piet Zwart Institute with a short film on archives and memories. Growing up in the colonial time, she is deeply interested in identities, memories, and displacement. 

She works with poetry, moving image and photography to investigate the relationship between images and text in order to expose the psychological conditions of individuals. Her previous moving image works have been selected for various film festivals including 20th Seoul Women’s Film Festival and 18th South Taiwan Film Festival.


Beatriz Gijón Gijón

Trained as a classical pianist with a master’s degree in global music from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Beatriz Gijón Gijón is a pianist/vocalist/improviser mostly interested in contemporary composition and interdisciplinary art. These interests had led her to collaborate with theater companies like Vladimir Tzekov, Chekov Machine or Improperios, and other dancers, visual artists and actors. With experience in other fields like jazz, celtic music, funk and free improvisation, she has performed in Spain, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany and Mali. 

Her current interest as an artist and composer is to develop interdisciplinary performances merging free improvisation with music and movement, poetry and art. She is the co-creator of the Interdisciplinary arts network (IAN) and part of the improvisation collective Kalas, in Aarhus.

Naomi Tarle

Naomi Tarle has an MFA in creative writing from Boise State University, as well as an MFA in visual art from California State University Northridge. In August 2016 the artist attended the London Intensive residency led by Camden Arts Centre & the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.
The last years she engaged in questioning how objects with domestic and family history may reflect global current events. Further questions arose from this initial idea. Does globalization speed the recession of events into history, or make them longer? How do the borders of land, religion, and identity coincide with everyday handheld objects? How does an individual history, strewn with objects of necessity and indulgence, engage with the past? Does history exist beyond place and artifact? Do communities exist beyond their own histories? Do individuals exist beyond their own memories?


Marcy Petit

Marcy Petit gained an MA in Management of Contemporary Art at Leeds and Paris 8 universities after completed a BA and a MA in Visual Arts at Rennes university. As a young mixed-media artist, she pursues a multidisciplinary plastic work. Videos, photographs, performances, sound recordings, installations … compose a multidisciplinary practice.

She made an important research about relational art, e.g. main topic of my final thesis. Today, she continues to explore this notion within the conception of several new artworks. The devices she uses seek to give voice to the “normal” or “seemingly ordinary” people. Her work has also undoubtedly been inspired by her upspring since she was raised up by my grandparents. From that time, she developed a fascination for the old people, old time stories, and old stuffs…

Thanks to one of her teacher, Bertrand Clavez, she also first developed a practice oriented to the “performing action”. This artistic medium represents an important part of her artistic work by using her own body as a medium in her work and in performances.  This medium has therefore generated a series of works making a stance that is feminine but also ironic.

Jéhan Òsanyìn

Jéhan Òsanyìn is a Seattle, Washington-based Artist-Activist, Coppersmith, Ceramicist, Arts Administrator, & Performer. yankee pickney where Jéhan was the playwright, co-director, & solo performer premiered in March of 2017 & was subsequently nominated for a 2017 Gregory Award.  Playwriting: HWHITE SILENCE, Obeahmxn, Prisoner, Checkmate, & The Theatre of Race: In 2017, Jéhan was awarded GAP funding from the Artist Trust in order prepare yankee pickney for its 2020-2021 tour. Jéhan was also awarded a Creativity Connects Performing Artist Fellowship. During the 2-week Artist Residency that comes with that award, Jéhan developed a theatrical work that facilitated conversations about Grief between community members of all ages over a meal. Recently Jéhan played Siobhan in Village Theatre’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. In 2004, they lived on a boat for 3.5 months & studied theatre in 12 countries. Current interests include using storytelling to understand the stories we carry in our bodies with & without our consent. Jéhan is also the Founder of Earthseed where they use theatre in Wild spaces to decolonize those spaces and the bodies that pass through them.

Candice Okada

Is a Vancouver-based artist working primarily in photography, fibres, needlework and installation.  In 2008 she received a BA in Sociology from the University of British Columbia and in 2016 she received a BFA from the University of the Fraser Valley, focusing on both art history and contemporary artistic practices. She recently completed her MFA in Visual Art at UBC. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and the US and she has participated in artist residencies at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Toronto’s Artscape Gibraltar Point. She was the recipient of the Roloff Beny Scholarship for Photography, a BC Arts Council Scholarship and a Canada Graduate Scholarship. Candice approaches art as a trans-disciplinary research and critical practice significantly informed by her previous studies within Sociology and Political Science. By employing artistic mediums she seeks to explore the deep and often hidden structures of power and control that dominate the contemporary moment and frame our cultural imagination. While adopting a feminist perspective, much of the work created is conceptually rooted in the relationships between contemporary social phenomenon, the structures that support them.  Most recently her work engages questions surrounding the discourse and control of global movement (both physical and theoretical), labour, and the political sphere that supports them.