Next Friday, September 21, at 9pm., we open to the public to share the process of the artists in residence of AADK: Mirel Torun (Sydney/Izmir), Mariana Carvalho (São Paulo) and Aurora Rodríguez (Alicante), along with the interventions of some of the artists on the platform.

You can also participate in an open session of sound improvisation with Selu Herraiz, Josman P#, Úrsula Bravo, Pia Achternkamp, Mariana Carvalho and whoever wants to join to play.

Abraham Hurtado has prepared a photographic set to make portraits that can become part of one of the works in which he is currently immersed. In addition, Daniel Hernandez will show the video “Master Fail Piece 1” with sound landscape live Josman P#.

Mirel Torun (Sydney/Izmir)
Mirel Torun is an artist living and working in Izmir, Turkey. Born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from Department of Performing Arts. Worked as editor and editor in chief in the editorial department of several plastic and visual arts magazines. Worked as visual consultant at Theater Madrasah. Did visual studies for 3 months on body, voice and effects of space-use on movement. Works on body and movement for a decade. Gave lectures on improvisation techniques. Was the art director for a solo stage performance composed of a collection of Charles Baudelaire’s poems in Izmir French Cultural Centre . Exhibitions and Residencies “7”, İzmir State Kültürpark Art and Sculpture Museum, 2014 “Small Worlds”, Installation of “2kg flour bag” curated by Stefan Bohnenberger, K2 Contemparary Art Center, İzmir, 2015. Non-invasive species, group exhibition, in Guadeloupe, Mogadishou and Minneapolis, 2016 Body, Object and Space, The Boiler Film Club, New York, 2016 Beetime Artist Residency Scholarship and Exhibition, Santa Lucia, Vejer de la Frontera , October, 2016 Art Quarter Budapest Artist Residency, April 2017. Participating Art Budapest Week Open Studio. Arteles Art Residency in Finland Scholarship, July 2017. Participating Open Studio. ALSO Poetic story called Milk Shake aired on Ege FM.

Aurora Rodríguez (Alicante)

Aurora has studied Fine Arts at the University of Murcia, at the Complutense University of Madrid and at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). Aurora has developed an artistic career whose main interest is to interpret art in a multidirectional and multidisciplinary way, understanding art as a natural consequence of the environment and its needs.
In her work, mostly conceptual (as a base and starting point) it reflects on the relationship between the individual and and the society, and the interdependency with the territory, using individual actions as a subject with which to work.

Mariana Carvalho (São Paulo)

Mariana Carvalho is pianist, improviser and performer. From her improvisation works, her interest has expanded to working with the body, gender and a transdisciplinary perspective. She has entered into sound experimentation introducing objects inside and outside the piano and exploring corporalities though eutony. Her current interest is to weave relationships between sound and space in the form of installations, expanded sound bodies, free improvisation, dance and feminism.

She completed her degree in piano at the University of São Paulo. She is part of the Sonora network – music and feminisms and of NuSom – Research Centre on Sonology of the USP, and Orquesta Errante, free improvisation group. She has researched relations between eutonia and free improvisation in scientific initiation, with FAPESP scholarship, supervised by Rogério Costa. She was part of Camerata Profana, ensemble of contemporary music, Coro Profana, vocal laboratory, Insólita Assemble colective and performance nucleus AANGA, directed by Miriam Dascal. She worked in theater as a musician with Club Noir and Lacuna Coletiva. She performed in Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Rumania and several places in Brasil.