Prácticas Contemporáneas is an encounter created by AADK Spain to analyze the models of production in contemporary art. It is a space for knowledge exchange and in which to promote new networks. Each year, professionals from different backgrounds and sectors – the public, the private and the independent – are invited in order to continue expanding the circuits for our artists in Europe. This edition focuses on sound performance and the creation of communities.

Communities around sound
The project seeks to generate community by collective creation and facilitate transformative experiences through sound.
In this edition, PC brings together experts in performance and sound art, as well as promoting the encounter between different communities -artistic and local. With this program, we are seeking to make visible other educational, creation and production of sound art that AADK has generated, locally, nationally and internationally.

Sonic info
Throughout the day we will have exhibition points where you can get to know the work of other independent artists from the Murcia region through their promoters, whether they are local labels, creators of events and festivals or space that program sound.

Peña Huertana “La Capaza”(Blanca), Nacho Muñoz (Vigo),Pablo Jordán (Murcia), Lola Nieto (Cartagena), Lorenzo Sandoval (Berlin/Murcia), Dani Hernández (Alicante), Elena Azzedin (Murcia), Rafael de La Peña (Blanca), Abraham Hurtado (Murcia), Úrsula Bravo y Josman P# (Murcia),LOH (Berlin), Carlos Suárez(Vigo), Susana López (Murcia),Flamante Dj Set (Murcia), Selu Herraiz (Murcia) and Experimental Sound School of Blanca.

Llorenç Barber -Sound Artist (Valencia)
Alexander Meurer -Bohemian Drips Records (Berlin)
Tamara Kaminska -City of Gardens (Katowice)
Carlos Almela -Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation (Madrid)
Patricia Raijenstein -Escuela de Oficios Electro-Sonoros (Madrid)
Peter Cusack -Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (Londres)
Miguel Álvarez -Director of Ars Sonora Radio Clásica (Madrid)
Pedro Rocha -Serralves Foundation (Oporto)

Organized by: AADK Spain
With the support of: Acción Cultural Española AC/E, Ayuntamiento de Blanca, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
Collaboration: FAIL Studio
Sponsored: Café Salzillo and Estrella de Levante