Regards: “The Place Landscape Art”


For the past year, artists Lina Sofía Lundin, Ebba Matz and landscape architect Mikael Johansson have been researching the historical context of Stora Hyttnäs, an ancient house-museum located in the city of Falun, Sweden, built in the 17th century. Delimiting the building, its imposing garden and the surrounding farm as work spaces, these three artists have summoned multiple art professionals, linked to rural contexts, to explore and investigate the site through various materials and fields.

For two weeks, a team of 14 artists gathered and worked together to shape the exhibition “The Place Landscape Art” where different proposals for site-specific interactions were exhibited. Throughout the exhibition sketches, works in process or finished pieces could be seen. Elena Azzedín (Residency Program Director & AADK Spain’s Curator) and Selu Herraiz (Director of Sonora, School of Experimental Sound) were part of this collective experience.

From the beautiful landscape of Falun, the project of Lundin, Matz and Johansson reflected on the intersection of the countryside and the city, the threats and opportunities that our nature face nowadays, and the possibility of interacting with the historical environment that art might have.