Transloca in The Netherlands

Transloca is a group of artists that have been joined by the shared conviction that true power and artistic quality are to be found at local scale – in both, central urban surroundings or in the rural areas. With a strong and open imprint, Transloca can appear everywhere and always takes on shapes that fit with the local situation and with any kind of cultural landscape.

In this opportunity, Transloca will be part of the Kunst Achter Dijken festival, which takes place on May 5th and 6th in the small town of Pingjum -Netherlands. There, she will present a collaborative work based on the proposals Your neighbor at home and Lend me a gesture, two starting points that reflect on everyday life.


Participate in this works:

Andrea Moeller and Marinus Groen (MediaArt Friesland, Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

Abraham Hurtado and Daniel Hernández (AADK Spain, Murcia, Spain)

Björn Säfsten (Säfsten Produktion, Stockholm, Sweden)

Heleen Haijtema (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)

Image courtesy: Heleen Maijtema