Residency program is a space for experimentation and dialogue where confronting the artists with their ideas and finding the deeper meanings of their work. Process based and focused, we challenge the artists to experiment and take risks, sharing their doubts, and trials.

We invite residents to work at the intersection of art, social sciences, and local communities. Connecting the topics with the context, AADK Spain supports cultural decentralization and access to contemporary art in the rural areas, integrating the town of Blanca and its surroundings in the development of the artworks.


Cartographies is an attempt to understand and visualize the architecture of constantly-changing of contemporary culture.

It’s about connecting spaces with different models of production and exhibition of art and contemporary thought; connecting centers and peripheries; and disseminating the work of artists and researchers who have been part of AADK programs.

Contemporary Practices

Contemporary Practices program was born in response to the International Museum Day, an established countrywide event which provokes massive audience to visit museums and exhibitions spaces in Spain. This phenomenon raises certain questions. For example, does it make culture more accessible or more spectacular? Does it create participants or audience? What needs these events underline? How are the resources managed? Where and how is the current contemporary art production generated?

Contemporary Practices is an anual encounter between independent associations, artists, cultural managers, students and institutions to question and analyse these variables during a weekend long event.


AADK Spain inaugurates a project of «expanded education» led by the artist and educator Selu Herraiz. A program aimed at specific audiences consisting of participatory creation through artistic practice.

The actions will be developed mainly in Centro Negra although it will expand to educational centers and other cultural spaces, acquiring different formats according to the needs of each collective and space.

The overall objective of the project is to foster new forms of learning. To investigate, to play and reflect, to create an area of transformative experiences in which, through the field of sound, visual and performative arts, other imaginaries are built and thus enrich our way of looking at and making the world.

Open Box

The artists platform AADK Spain co-organizes and hosts the program Open Box, coordinated by the artist Úrsula Bravo.

Open Box is a program of activities around the art practices developed during the weekends at Centro Negra, Blanca. AADK understands that sharing the processes of research of professional artists is complex for a general audience. Their interest on making accessible the contemporary art creation leads them to generate activities designed for specific target groups to expand the abilities and understandings of the arts.

Therefore, this will be the frame where some of the workshops will be taking place, where artists of the region and the members of the platform can share their researches, to reinforce their artwork beyond directing and organizing cultural programs.

Back Door

Back Door is a program which introduces contemporary art creation into the clubbing culture.

It is evident that the mass culture based on electronic music production, design and fashion affects the imagery of artistic creation. The intention of this program is that the art reaches and affects other audiences in the same way. Thus, we break the barriers between production bound to specialized audiences in institutional spaces and the sound and visual production in popular culture, which is more open to a wider audience.

AADK Radio

AADK Radio is a space mainly dedicated to sound art, open to all formats and relations. A space of intersections and juxtapositions, hybrid and synesthetic.


Interventions is one of the longest running programs of AADK Spain. AADK Spain started Intervention programme on 2012 and there were 8 editions so far, analysing topics such as Ancestors, Light and Body, Nature Invasion, Silence! Shooting! and Public/private space, Blanca 2025.

The idea of the program is to generate a site specific artwork, connected with the context and/or the communities, and to develop a quick creative response through research and experimentation. AADK selects a group of artists with different backgrounds to work around a concept during one week. It is a work of research and artistic creation made from scratch, a blind date with the township of Blanca where outcomes can be expressed in a wide spectrum of manifestations. Some of them, the least ephemeral ones, become part of the cultural heritage, generating tours entitled Arte en rural (Art in the rural).

Other programs