Out there, everything is present
Inside of me, time doesn’t exist

Something moves inside when the landscape around us changes. There is a direct connection between the surrounding territory and our inner emotions. A kind of emotional synesthesia allows us to feel the spaces we dwell, we can feel cool like a forest or arid as a desert. We are the landscape we see. The skin is a border between what happens inside and outside of our body -a permeable border by absorption-.

In and Out is a laboratory to explore through the image the relations between body and territory. A space that allows the participants to listen the beats of their creativity and draw the cartography of their wishes by making an intimate documentary. Develop a photography practice from the emotions to give light to what was left under the shade.


  • To search for the intersection between the performative and the image.
  • To explore the environment while roaming, to listen to the silence, to embody the pause, to feel our own rhythm and synchronize it to the local breath.
  • To work from the body with performative dynamics and to create situations / experiences establishing a dialogue with the territory.
  • To experiment in the crossroad between the analogical and the digital image.
  • To discover the physicity of the photo as an object, black and white chemical laboratory, cianotipia technique and digital editing will be used.
  • To play with the body and the environment, not only as objects to portrait, but as support of the image itself, whether this is ephemeral or permanent.

_target group: Visual artists, performers and persons connected to the art in any way.

About the author

Selu Herraiz analyzes the relationship between Space, Time, Memory and Identity, creating experiences and working with bodies, sounds, spaces and images in a trans-disciplinary research. He combines his personal investigation with the design of educational and group dynamics, in order to activate the social transformation and to stimulate a critical thinking through creativity and playing. He recognizes himself as a nomad.

His work traveled to Toulouse (France), Riga (Letonia), Córdoba (Argentina), Lille (France), Palermo (Italy), Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (Spain). He has combined the subversive practice and experimental work in the underground of art, with exhibitions and works in relevants nationwide institutions as MNCARS (Madrid), BB.AA Royal Academy of San Fernando (Madrid), Mubam (Murcia), Coam (Madrid), Centro Parraga (Murcia), CC Puertas de Castilla (Murcia), Matadero (Madrid) y Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Madrid). In the alternative scene, his work has been shown in spaces such as Espai Erre (Barcelona), Hiroshima Room (Barcelona) or Alg-a Lab (Galicia), Centro Negra (Murcia), El Quirófano (Murcia), among others.