AADK organized the eighth edition of the program Interventions in Centro Negra in the town of Blanca.

For the program Intervention VIII four invited artists together with AADK team work around the proposed topic for this edition. For this ocassion the chosen topic is: Ancestors.

AADK – with its research and contemporary creation program – has instigated the artists being hosted at Centro Negra to use the territory and the communities as the main material to work with. As a result, diverse topics in different disciplines has been addressed familiarizing the inhabitants of Blanca to the contemporary art practices.

Working with the concept of Ancestors is putting the geneology of a community into the spotlight, creating a cartography of memory that incorporates the distortions provoked by diverse subjectivities. Blanca´s inhabitants will work with the artists sharing their stories, their memories, their objects, and their spaces. Offering us a journey in between history and fiction.

The artists, through their particular means of artistic expression, will have the mission to transform systems of reference, updating them to the current times, acknowledging and engaging the experiences of the inhabitants which constitute the living landscape of Blanca.

The interventions take place throughout the old town of Blanca, using private spaces and in Centro Negra.

Artistas participantes
Greta Bungle
Salvi Vivancos
Nazario Díaz