On this occasion the guest artists working on the relationship that causes the body in space in its various artistic fields, so we proposed the group Todo Por la Praxis to transform unused private spaces in public place to use. Bárbara Sánchez make a performance with the theater group from Blanca “Las Atrevidas” creating a theatrical sequence in relation to the space where it will be presented filling of female rage. Installation from artist Pol Coronado and his peculiar totem consumerism. Andrés Agudelo will installed in an architectural space on a wall of our terrace. Pablo Goikoetxea will show the landscapes around Centro Negra where the body acquires an unusual role. July 27th, 2013.

Participant artists
Andrés Aguadelo Ganem (Berlín/Bogotá)
Pol Coronado (Valencia)
Bárbara Sánchez (Sevilla)
Pablo Goikoetxea (Vigo/Londres/Barcelona)