Video Resume 2016

AADK Spain develops a residency program and a series of initiatives that foster and promote research processes and contemporary creation.These activities are permeable. The resident artists are able to incorporate their work to the different programs through the development of workshops, participation in round tables, conferences or other possible configurations.Education is a transversal to AADK Spain programs. We understand education as a practice, experiential processes where theory and practice come to constitute an indivisible body. AADK
Spain generates workshops, roundtables and practices as a continuous training and formation.
AADK Spain manages, promotes and encourages the creation beyond the
Centro Negra. It keeps track of the work of artists in residence, offering support
and promoting their mobility through its network of residences and activate and
move programs, artists and researchers.

Artists in Residence #01.2016 AADK Spain

#01 January-Febrary-March 2016 (Residents):
Anabel Labrador, Troels Primdahl, Anders Bigum, Lucía Petrilli, Sylvie Laplante, Ambar Luna Quintanar, Jean Paul Carstensen, Jair Méndez & Lorenza Manfredi.



Artists in Residence #02.2016 AADK Spain

#02 April-May-June 2016 (Residents):
Sergio Sotomayor, Jochen Arbeit, Dominique Raak, Gaëtan Rusquet, Lucille Calmel, Carlos Cartama, Conor Baird, Pablo Linsambarth, Ireen Zielonka, Giuliana Grippo, Valeria Gopar and Emma Löfström.

Festival Fenomens Barcelona 2016 #Body and space

November 18th
La Caldera, Barcelona

20.30 to 23.30
Curated by AADK Spain / Abraham Hurtado

AADK Spain proposes a number of artists working with the relationship between body and space, in order to occupy different rooms of La Caldera for three hours. The guest artists work in response to the place that will be awarded. The exhibition will have a live installation format, in which the space is affected by the way in which each artist occupies it. Each space contains a body – subject and object – that is reconstructs and redefines through its relationship with the space. We are interested in the emphasis of different readings that may arise from the proposals, the transformation of the perception of a place, invade the space with emotions, estrangement, sensory experiences where time is a critical element. We want to create a material that sets new forms of dialogue with the physical form, explores the behaviors which arise from disruptive ways of living, blurring the boundaries between subject and object, and embodying alternative subjectivities and regulatory usual.

Live Installation

Live Installation is both a way of working and an exhibition format. The presence of the body into the action, or the construction of the theatrical, is set above the Live Installation. This creates a similar relationship as the one of the visitor in a gallery or a museum, and their relation with the object appearance.

(LA) Horde (France) 2016 (with final presentation of the Workshop)
Gaëtan Rusquet (Belgium France) 2015
Vânia Rovisco (Portugal) 2015
Kotomi Nishiwaki (Tokyo, Japan / Barcelona) 2016

Captured bodies (video screening)

Captured bodies is a section of video performances. Bodies captured by the camera, and performance captured by his own betrayal, where the immaterial, the ephemeral, and unsalable is trapped by the technological device, and it extracts part of its policy and primal essence from this discipline. However, the tools also extend borders to allow a greater community to experience somethig, in time and distance. Video performance is sometimes archeology of an event, a device which multiplies other realities and a generator of possible fictions.

Radicalismo Abstracto (Blanca, Murcia) 2016 – Live
Daniel Gwirtzman (New York) 2016
Anders Bigum & Troels Primdahl (Berlin, Germany) Best 2016

from 23.00 to 01.00
DJ Isabel Alessandrini