About AADK Spain

AADK Spain is an international artistic platform, based in Blanca, Murcia, to develop projects of research and contemporary art creation. It was founded in 2012 by performance artist Abraham Hurtado as a continuation of international artistic network AADK (Aktuelle Achitektur Der Kultur).

The headquarters of AADK Spain is Centro Negra – a space where it implements different programmes focused on process and experimentation such as the Residency Program, Interventions, Contemporary Practices, or Cartograhpies. The main interest across all the programs is to explore the notions of body, spatiality and territory.

AADK Spain also work in close collaboration with other artistic and cultural spaces in Murcia region, Spain and other parts of Europe. The networks allow us to promote the mobility and exchange for our visiting artists and their works produced at the national and international levels.


Abraham Hurtado Artistic Director

Elena Azzedín Residency Program Director (info[at]aadk.es)

Selu Herraiz AADK Lab Director

Juan Conesa Head of Production

Daniel Hernández Head of Communication and Press (comunicacion[at]aadk.es)

Josman Parikmaker Assistant of Production and Documentation



Giuliana Grippo Curatorial text and Coordination Residency Program

Sofía Zuluaga Mentoring and Cultural Management

Virginia Hernández Communication and Press Assistant



Klara Menzel and Mona Arafat Cultural Management

Harry Bullen Back Office

Merve Özcan Visual Design


Curatorial Team: Abraham Hurtado and Elena Azzedín

Curatorial text collaborator: Giuliana Grippo

Centro Negra

Centro Negra, the headquarters of AADK Spain, is located in a town of Blanca (Murcia region, south of Spain). Blanca is a unique historical town of 6.000 inhabitants, settled in a Ricote valley of Segura river, surrounded by the picturesque range of mountains and citrus orchards.

Centro Negra is nestled in the cradle of a mountain on the former site of a 12th century Moorish Castle and is only accessible by foot. It was built in early 20th century as a string of small structures and formerly was used as a farm for a nearby villa. Recently renovated, these modern, minimal spaces are divided in living and studio/exhibition areas. The living area has 4 individual apartments, with kitchen and shower, direct access to the terrace and studio/exhibition area. Studios/exhibition area has 6 different spaces, which are interconnected to each other and could serve for multiple purposes.



Calle del Castillo, 30. 30540, Blanca (Murcia).




We recommend you visit Blanca Turística for more information about Blanca.


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