About Us


AADK Spain is an artist-run platform that develops spaces for research and contemporary creation. With a focus set on experimental processes, its primary interest is to explore the notions of body, territory, and spatiality..

The platform advocates the decentralization of culture and the access to contemporary art in non-urban areas. It addresses local issues as means to understand global problems.
Currently based in Centro Negra (Blanca, Murcia) it holds several programs among which its Artist Residency Program and Cruce Program stand out.

As a team, we believe that all artists we host are an active part of our platform. Therefore, we foster networks with other cultural and artistic enterprises, helping to promote their mobility at national and international circuits.




AADK Spain is an extension of Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur, a collective of three artists founded in Berlin in 2006. Back then, Abraham Hurtado (Spain), Jochen Arbeit (Germany) and Vania Rovisco (Portugal) gathered to develop artistic and curatorial projects with the purpose of weaving networks and delineating new cultural circuits.
For six years, they organized events and actions in different parts of Berlin, activating new venues and reflecting upon the borders of established art practices.

In 2012 Abraham Hurtado returned to Spain and founded AADK SP.  launched Centro Negra, he conceived this building as a space for research and creation with the collaboration of the artist Juan Conesa. In its early years, a series of site-specific interventions, temporary residences, concerts, workshops are developed. All guest artists work based on context and community.

In 2015 Elena Azzedín joined the platform to collaborate in the conceptualization and implementation of the multidisciplinary Artistic Residencies between 2015/2023. Besides her role as curator. She was the Residency Director between  2018 and 2023, also se became an important voice for  development of complementary programs and contents such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, festivals, and even a pilot for a radio show until 2023.

Last, in 2017 Selu Herraiz joins the project with Sonora, School of experimentation. promoting a musical pedagogy based on creation, promoting new forms of learning and contemporary thought through sound experimentation. Currently is the sound residency curator and ROTA Festival.

Since 2012, AADK Spain has welcomed more than 500 artists from all continents and has gained recognition among numerous national and international institutions.



AADK Spain’s headquarters are located in the town of Blanca, settled in the heart of Ricote Valley. It is known that the origins of Ricote date back to the early 8th century, with the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.
The town has 6,000 inhabitants and lies on the banks of Segura River, a fundamental water supply for the region. Blanca’s foundation dates back to the 13th century being initially known as “Negra”, it is believed that because of the dark soil of a mountain nearby. The village is circundad by a mountain range and an extensive area of pine forests. From its highest cliffs one can perceive the contrast between the intense green of the valley, and its semi-desert surroundings.
The closest city is Murcia -capital of the homonymous province- which is 40km away.

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