Sound of Ruins


Sound of Ruins, founded and led by François Benner aka Roisner, is a provider of resources for sound artists and producers, both online and in the alluring environment of Blanca, a small town in the south of Spain. If you are looking for raw materials for your sound productions, would need some professional advice or sound editing services, or would like to develop projects or take an artist retreat in a remote location surrounded by nature, you’re in the right place!

Our Story

Sound of Ruins began with a long-established dedication to music, a long journey that started in Berlin and led to a rare encounter with the vivid artists Platform of AADK Spain, a project providing residency opportunities for international artists, and a crumbling house with a beautiful garden in the magical Ricote Valley. Sound became the link, AADK a support and a partner, and the house the location of a professional studio, surrounded by olive and fruit trees and rocky mountains. Having created a strong base in Blanca, Spain, we have decided to do what we do best – create and share our sound content – and to make our digital and physical resources available to fellow creators.

Our project also incorporates a personal music platform under the same name, initiated by the founder of the project, François Benner, with the desire to achieve as much artistic freedom as possible; to create and to narrate a personal manifesto, stretching ideas from club music to electronica, alternative/experimental and techno.

What does Sound of Ruins offer?

Online resources: a collection of unique soundbanks for your new productions and video-based learning content to develop your skills;
Residency and artist retreat opportunities with AADK Spain;
Audio editing services: track mix and recording sessions in a fully equipped studio in Blanca, Spain;
The assistance of an experienced producer to help you finalise your projects or start new ones from 0;
Access to local goodies such as olive oil pressed from the fruit of our trees.

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