Open Call – Residency Program 2021

Open Call – Residency Program 2021

The application deadline is 20/12/2020.


Dear fellow Creators,

Faced with the events that we have experienced – long confinements, reduction of leisure activities, among others – our perception of cities has shifted. Perhaps, for many, these are no longer the spaces of abundance and prosperity that could be perceived before. For many others, among whom we find ourselves, these facts have confirmed the value and potential that rural environments hold: communities strongly linked to their geographies, circular economies, social dynamics encouraging greater fellowship, access to land and its resources are some of the fundamental approaches that these environments favor.

In recent months we have seen our body language transform and, perhaps more than ever, we have become aware of our need for physical contact and support. Now we are faced with the challenge of re-activating our bodies, stepping out the state of stillness and facing the responsibility of creating new bonds and spaces of presence in safe and inclusive ways. We believe that, as creators, we must be actively involved in shaping this “new normality”. It is our desire that its foundations are not established from a restrictive, but from a creative perspective and as an opportunity to glimpse new horizons.

Within this framework, we invite you to think about the potentials of the rural and natural environment through the three main axes of our project: body, territory and spatiality.

The AADK Spain team


Read the detailed information about the open call here.

To apply, read our Terms & Conditions and complete our on-line Registration Form. Keep in mind that when filling in the form, you will have to upload a single PDF (max. 10MB) including your CV, Bio and portfolio.

Those who do not wish to use a Google account can also apply by completing the downloadable version of the application form and sending it to along with a single pdf containing their CV, biography and portfolio (max. 10 MB)